Amazon’s Whole Foods acquisition reveals ASTONISHING truth

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos seems absolutely determined to rule the world through the acquisition of every sort of business that exists in the realm of mass retailing, and while it seems like we should cheer a successful company like Amazon, there’s another aspect that some find unsettling.

Bezos is buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion and what that means in our shopping cart is one thing; what it means down the road from a social engineering standpoint is something else.

According to The Daily Beast, Founded two decades ago, Amazon revenue has grown eightfold in the last decade. Bezos now wants to “reorganize the world,” as one tech writer put it, “as an Amazon storefront.” He has done this by convincing investors that despite scant profits, the ample rewards of monopoly await.

Amazon, along with Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Apple among others represent what the Daily Beast calls a growing “oligarchy” of cash-rich titans who have the power to completely change the manner in which we shop, communicate and live our daily lives.

Writing for The Daily Beast, Joel Klotkins says, With a seemingly endless supply of capital and the prospect of never-ending expansion, the Silicon Valley-Puget Sound oligarchy now accounts for six of the world’s 13 richest people, and virtually all billionaires who are not either very old or merely inheritors.

And you know what else? They’re pretty much ALL liberals. Don’t forget…Bezos now owns the Washington Post.

In the past, progressive political thinkers…sought to curb over-concentrated wealth and power. In contrast, today’s Democratic establishment rarely addresses such issues. That’s no wonder given that the party is now financed in large part by the tech giants, which have backed in almost lock-step the environmental, social, and cultural agenda that dominates today’s left. In exchange, they have bought political cover for things such as misogyny, lack of ethnic diversity, and of unions and fair labor practices that old-line companies like Walmart, Exxon, or General Motors could never enjoy.

People, little or otherwise, now constitute the Masters’ (these oligarch’s) biggest problem. Unlike the old moguls like Andrew Carnegie or Henry Ford, the new Masters do not promise greater prosperity, or even decent jobs for the middle or working class. Their vision, increasingly, seems to be a world where most people’s labor is largely superfluous, and will need to be satiated with regular basic income from the state, a position now widely embraced by such luminaries as Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, supplemented by occasional “gig” work.

They imagine a future where few will ever own homes or control any real assets. Rather than being parts of a geography or even a country, the increasingly socially isolated masses can be part of Zuckerberg’s “global community” while ordering food from Amazon, delivered by a drone from an automated warehouse, employing social media and virtual reality to fill their long periods of idleness.

It’s the perfect liberal “Utopia” which we know cannot exist. It’s fine if you’re a billionaire like Zuckerberg, who already has his own high-security compound and money enough to fulfill his every need, but what of the rest of us?

It’s also a strange conundrum that wealthy liberals are the ones most interested in dragging society into a socialist nightmare where the only citizens who don’t have to share the misery is them.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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