Questionable photo of Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones sparks internet MELTDOWN

The interview between InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and NBC’s Megyn Kelly hasn’t even aired yet, but that hasn’t stopped it from being the most talked about interview of the year so far. Of course, maybe that’s to be expected when you put two controversial figures like Jones and Kelly together.

Even doing the interview in the first place caused a massive stir. Jones is well known for calling the Sandy Hook massacre a hoax, a fact that didn’t sit well with the families of that tragic event. Many claimed that by interviewing Jones, Kelly was giving him a national platform he didn’t deserve, causing further pain to the victims.

The lead-up to the interview might prove to be more dramatic than the interview itself. After NBC released a promo for the spot, Jones posted secretly recorded conversations he had with Kelly on the internet. Jones claims that if NBC cuts the interview in a way that deceives the audience, he has eight more hours of recordings to release.

The drama surrounding the interview has gotten so intense, even photos of the two together have caused an internet uproar. In fact, Kelly’s selfie she took with Jones in his car may succeed in completely breaking the internet.

From the Huffington Post:

Megyn Kelly has received serious backlash after word broke that she’d be airing an interview with Infowars’ Alex Jones on an an upcoming episode of “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.”

Backlash that has only escalated since a selfie of Kelly and Jones smiling together in car hit the internet:

Twitter responded to this photo exactly how you would expect Twitter to respond:

At this point, it seems impossible that the actual interview could live up to the hype of the buildup. However, with the possibility of eight hours of secretly recorded conversation, you never know. This may just turn into one of the most memorable events in NBC history, but maybe not in a good way for Megyn Kelly.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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