Just hours before his interview with Megyn airs, Alex Jones drops BOMB on HER

Typically, outrage over an interview only happens after the interview takes place. However, when the person you’re interviewing is Info War’s famous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, anything can happen. Former Fox News turned NBC anchor Megyn Kelly is starting to find that out the hard way.

It’s been a rough first month on the new job for Kelly. After finally settling her contract dispute with Fox, she made an embarrassing gaffe on her very first NBC appearance. Shortly after, her much anticipated interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen as a complete disaster.

If Kelly thought things were going to get better by interviewing Alex Jones, she clearly doesn’t know much about the man. Jones is a controversial figure, having made a name for himself calling 9/11 an inside job and the Sandy Hook massacre a hoax. His appearance drew sharp criticism from Sandy Hook families, forcing NBC into damage control before the interview even aired.

However, NBC’s attempt to appease everyone may have been their worst move yet. In response, Jones released a secretly recorded audio tape of a conversation he had with Kelly. With just hours before the interview is set to air, Jones is now issuing even bigger threats.

From the Huffington Post:

Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist and host of “InfoWars,” on Saturday intensified his call for NBC News to release a full, unedited recording of his controversial interview due to air Sunday on the network’s “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” program.

During a 15-minute rant posted to the live-streaming app Periscope, Jones said that if NBC did not publish at least about 100 minutes of his unedited interview on their website, he would release eight or more hours of secret audio recordings and footage he has of Kelly and her news team.

The recordings, Jones claims, were made in his car and at dinner with Kelly, and in the control room of his studio.

Jones claims he is making his threats in response to the interview’s promotion, which he says shows NBC intends to deceive the audience:

“I’ve already seen your promo, a bunch of deception. So that’s why I know that you’re lying. That’s why I released those earlier tapes,” Jones said on Saturday.

“You can easily post that [Sunday] night, so people can see what I said,” he added, referring to the unedited version of their interview.

At this point, it may be wise for NBC to heed his warnings. After all, the audio recording he already posted is not flattering for Megyn Kelly. If Jones really does have eight more hours of recordings, the release could be a major embarrassment for the network.

Nevertheless, the entire episode is yet another blemish in Kelly’s short career at NBC. If things don’t get better soon, she could be out of another job.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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