St. Louis Cardinals under fire from LGBT community for “Christian Day;” Their response is BLOWING MINDS

Does the St. Louis Cardinals Major League Baseball organization deserve kudos or jeers for the stance it’s taken against the kind, open, tolerant LBGTQ community? Kind, open and tolerant of all voices that agree with their own, that is.

This month (June 2017) marks the first of the past nine years that America’s president did not issue a presidential proclamation, have a page added to the White House website or issue a statement in praise of “Pride Month” as his predecessor had dutifully done each summer.

If you didn’t already know, June is the month the worldwide LBGTQ community has declared its own. Aside from being downright confusing, a quick look at last year’s “Pride Month” calendar reveals a glaring omission. There’s every “-sexual” but “hetero.”

In the eyes of the far left being proud of your LBGT or Q sexuality is a reason for pride but being proud if you are heterosexual — which some 97 percent of the world is — is bigoted. Doubly so if you call yourself Christian and triply so if you are a public figure.  Like former St. Louis Cardinals slugger Lance Berkman.

From the Daily Caller:

“The St. Louis Cardinals resolved to host Lance Berkman as their “Christian Day” speaker, despite outcry from the LGBTQ community.

St. Louis Pride, an LGBTQ organization, protested the Cardinals’ decision to host Berkman and demanded that the Cardinals cancel his appearance at their annual Christian Day, a post-game event where a public figure, usually a former player as in Berkman’s case, speaks about how Christianity has affected their life.”

They ‘demanded‘ a privately-owned business hosting a speaker of their own choosing in their own building choose a different speaker. Good ol’ “free speech for me but not for thee.”  And what has the queer community’s feathers so ruffled?

“Berkman drew criticism from the LGBTQ community in 2015 and has been lambasted as a homophobe over his opposition to a Houston city ordinance that would allow transgender people access to bathrooms opposite their biological gender.

Berkman expounded on his opposition to the ordinance in an interview, explaining that, in his view, the ordinance tramples public liberty for the whims of a few.

“The issue is, what to do about a 15- or 16-year-old boy who thinks he’s a girl and wants to shower with the girls,” Berkman said. “Maybe he is [transgender], maybe he’s confused. But I wouldn’t want him in the shower with my daughters. We shouldn’t have the rights of 2 percent of the population trump the rights of the other 98 percent.”

In the case of transgenders, it’s more like three-tenths of a percent of the population, but who’s counting?

Berkman also blasted what he saw as indiscriminate tolerance and the harm it does to the U.S.

“To me tolerance is the virtue that’s killing this country,” Berkman said. “We’re tolerant of everything. You know, everything is OK, and as long as you want to do it and as long as it feels good to you then it’s perfectly acceptable do it. Those are the kinds of things that lead you down a slippery slope, and you’ll get in trouble in a hurry.”

St. Louis Pride issued a statement to the Cardinals to express their opposition to Berkman and request that the Cardinals host a pride night.

“Pride St. Louis is disappointed by the decision of the St. Louis Cardinals to provide a public platform for Berkman, an individual whose words and actions towards the LGBTQ+ are divisive and demeaning,” the statement said. “We know that the Cardinals can do better, and we want to extend an offer to help them by co-organizing their official LGBT Pride Night at Busch Stadium. Let’s work together to promote love, diversity, and inclusion.”

Catch that? LGBTQ’s talking about others being divisive and demeaning? And they’re lecturing about promoting love and inclusion?

Interestingly, the Pride 2017 edition has grown to include “Resistance.” As usual the explanation of exactly what we’re resisting is unexplained.

The various groups and individuals continue to spout the talking points of “the need to stand against the oppressive, hateful and bigoted policies of Donald Trump toward America’s LBGT community” yet when asked, “What specific policies has President Trump mentioned, proposed or enacted that are inherently anti-LGBT?” the answer is a blank stare. They don’t actually know what they’re against they just know they’re against it.

To their credit the Cardinals are not backing down and have issued a statement that Berkman will be their speaker. The St. Louis Cardinals Christian Day is scheduled for July 30.

And anyone is free to attend or not.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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