SHAMEFUL: MSNBC’s Chris Matthews makes DESPICABLE comment about Alexandria shooter

Some things you’d think could and would be universally condemned by everyone. Things like jihad attacks against innocents or opening fire on a group of unsuspecting legislators at a baseball practice. If you think that’s the case you’re under-estimating hyper-liberals like Chris Matthews.

Even with Congressman Steve Scalise still in a hospital in critical condition, Matthews took to the MSNBC airwaves to provide cover and offer excuses and understanding for James Hodgkinson, the deranged progressive Bernie Sanders supporter who put Scalise and others into a hospital bed in the first place.

As 100 Percent Fed Up pointed out, Chris Matthews tried his best to create sympathy for the loser who shot random Republicans by saying “He did understand inequality.”

Watch the rant here.

Check out the word salad ramble of Matthews trying to somehow justify what would make someone shoot Republicans:

“Howard, you and I know each other. You know what goes into somebody’s…we can say wacky behavior because they’re dead. We don’t know what sadness was in this guy’s life … what his prospects were. Something that made him mad at the world so he focused on Republicans. He did understand inequality as an issue. Bernie Sanders wrote about that in the paper the other day. There’s nothing wrong with the issue. It’s a great issue to fight for if you’re a progressive. But he got it into his head that he was going to get better equality of incomes in this country by killing people. That’s not going to happen.”

So understanding inequality is somehow justification for attempted murder?

With this Matthews had destroyed any semblance of credibility he may have once had. He joins in the ranks of people like Jesse Benn, the sick writer for Huffington Post whom we exposed yesterday for also cheer leading this week’s shooting and complaining that it didn’t go far enough. If you missed that story click here and see if your mind can believe what your eyes are reading.

The speed with which the left is being revealed as the embodiment of the hateful, violent, intolerance they claim to despise is truly  amazing. But their willingness to coddle terrorists and the likes of Hogkinson and excuse their actions as somehow understandable in the light of what conservatives have done to them, our/their country and the world is beyond contemptible. Sadly, it’s taking loss of life and limb for them to reveal their true selves.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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