Former Obama spokesman makes claim about Trump that’s BLOWING MINDS

I’ve said it before, and once again, I must reiterate this classification: stupid, stuck on stupid, and a special kind of stupid. Well, I must now add a level four category: YGTBSM Stupid. And today’s analysis certainly fits this distinction, and is our first. But certainly shall not be our last.

As reported by The Hill, “Former State Department spokesman John Kirby slammed President Trump on [this] Monday for employing a mostly military approach to combating extremism and radicalism rather than getting at the root causes.

“You cannot kill your way out of a terrorism problem,” Kirby said on CNN’s “New Day.” “We can hit these guys as often as we want and as aggressively as we want, but we are never going to kill the problem of terrorism.”

Kirby said the president and his team primarily speak about terrorism in “very aggressive, military terms.” “But when you listen to President Trump and his surrogates talk about terrorism, and the threat — and the very real threat that it poses, you hear that talk about it almost in purely militaristic terms — in very aggressive, military terms,” the retired Navy rear admiral said. “And I don’t see a comprehensive, cohesive, you know, multifaceted strategy in the works right now,” Kirby added.

Kirby said the White House is only talking minimally about how to get to the root causes of why people radicalize. “There’s very little discussion about getting at the root causes of extremism and terrorism — working on issues of poverty and human rights and corruption overseas — and that’s a real problem here, because this is a generational conflict.” The former State Department spokesman said the fight against terrorism is going to continue “for a much longer time.” “We’ve been at this now for at least 16 years — very aggressively on the ground. We are going to be at it for a much longer time.”

The original Batman, Adam West, recently passed away, but I could just hear Robin saying to him, “Holy cow Batman, what an idiot!”

And before y’all go jumping on me, just remember Senator John McCain referred to RADM John Kirby in that term of endearment first.

Johnny boy, we have not been at this sixteen years aggressively, we took an eight-year hiatus for strategic patience and to lead from behind — known down South as following — during the Obama administration where you were a mouthpiece. Thanks to the non-confrontational methods of the Obama administration we have the Islamic State — you remember John, the “jayvee team.” I guess sending billions of dollars to Iran just solved their issues and they feel lots better about themselves and have abandoned that whole “death to America” thing.

Man, I just gotta ask, what kind of a Rear Admiral is John Kirby? I mean seriously folks, look, John Paul Jones didn’t stop on Lake Champlain and say to the British, “toodles mate, can we discuss whether you had a bad relationship with your dad before I surrender.” Nah, he replied when asked to surrender that “I have not yet begun to fight.” Admiral Farragut, when barreling down into Mobile Bay, didn’t say, “Men, watch your speed, we need not create a large wake and upset our Confederate adversaries.” Nah, he ordered, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.” Admiral Halsey’s nickname was “Bull” not heifer. Admiral Nimitz, Admiral Spruance… well, I think you get my point.

Little discussion about getting to the root causes of extremism and terrorism? We need to work on issues of poverty? Dude, Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot, Osama bin Laden was not some economic victim, and countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar who have been major resource providers for Islamic jihadism — that’s what it is RADM Kirby — are not exactly poor nations. What kind of neutered fella is this, saying we’re talking in “very aggressive, military terms?”

I once again submit to you, this is why we must NEVER allow progressive socialists to be in control of our military, defense, and foreign policy. These absurdities about talking too mean and needing to address social issues with our enemy are just a bunch of bovine excrement.

“You cannot kill your way out of a terrorist problem?” Hmm, let’s look at history. we tried to talk to good ol’ King George about being independent, he sent troops. Perhaps we should have spoken to King George about whether his mum breast fed him for too long, or addressed his poverty issue? Nah, we fought, and yes, we killed Red Coats, and earned our independence.

I suppose all that talking Neville Chamberlain did with Adolf Hitler worked well huh, John? Nah, we had to kill our way to defeating Naziism, Italian fascism, and Japanese imperialism.

I don’t mind talking to folks, but once they’ve decided — such as islamic jihadists have — that it’s all about the fighting and the killing, well, I don’t think we should hand out “Coexist” bumper stickers when someone is trying to slit your throat.

“You cannot kill your way out of a terrorist problem,” so I suppose we can just die our way into it, wishing it would just go away…kinda like that mean ol’ monster in the closet huh, Johnny? This inane level of obfuscation, dismissal and denial is exactly what has emboldened these jihadist chuckleheads over the past eight years.

Our own version of chuckleheads who believe the weather 100 years from now is more of a threat than the enemy that plans to and then kills little teenage girls coming from a concert. No John, I don’t want to understand their “issues.” I want them dead. And yes, we’ll keep filling up jihadi paradise as long as they want to be dead…but no more wanton killing of our people. This is the face of imbecilic cowardice masquerading as some higher form of intelligence. Smart diplomacy, like giving the Russians a “reset button”…doggone brilliant!

Here is the deal John. For the Islamic jihadists and their enablers, there are two worlds called Dar-al-Islam and Dar-al-Harb. One is the world of Islam, which means submission, and the other is the world of war.

Guess what John? We’re deemed as living in the world of war, against which the jihadist are called to fight. We are given three options: conversion, subjugation (paying a jizya tax in order to exist, but in a subjugated status…maybe that was why y’all gave Iran billions of dollars), or the last option, death. Now Admiral, this comes from the tradition of Mohammed, ya know their perfect guy, who wrote a letter to Heraclius the Byzantine Emperor with those options.

And guess what? That Jayvee team your nice non-aggressive and militaristic language created, ISIS, was presenting those options to Christians and Yazidis in Iraq and Syria. The objective is that yes, Islam is a religion of peace, once Dar-al-Harb has been defeated, conquered, and Dar-al-Islam reigns supreme.

So you say we cannot kill our way out of a terrorist problem…well Mr. Smarty Pants, they’re seeking to kill their way into resolving their problem: us. Perhaps RADM Kirby never had the chance to do strategic studies and learn that wars are fought for three objectives: annihilation, attrition, and assimilation. Islamic jihadists realize their archaic medieval 7th century ideals are inconsistent with our present day principles and values — well, unless you’re a liberal progressive socialist who thinks Sharia law is just peachy keen. Therefore, if we choose not to embrace and convert, then coercion, intimidation, violence, and terror must be used to attain their goal — again, the concept of striking terror into their enemy’s heart is a verse found in the Koran. Ok, I know, I’m a damn Islamophobe because I’m not some weak knee surrender monkey who hides from the truth. No, I’m not embracing the run, hide, tell model. I proudly exemplify and advocate for the make ready, aim, and shoot model – that’s how we’ve gotten rid of some other ideological enemies that threatened our freedom.

Former Defense and State Department’s spokesperson RADM John Kirby’s statement is representative of the fourth level of stupid, YGTBSM Stupid. It reflects the inadequate nature of the progressive socialist left to defend and protect our Republic. Perhaps we should tell our leftist friends that Islamic jihadism is ultra-conservative? Yes, that’s the ticket, then they’ll unleash the IRS against them and left wing talk radio and websites will demean, denigrate and disparage them.

One thing is for certain, RADM John Kirby is not representative of the fighting Navy Man, the Sailor. And one day, when the USS Barack Obama is commissioned as a tugboat, RADM Kirby can crew that vessel. Heck, the Skipper and Gilligan had more courage as they kept the SS Minnow from sinking in that storm and keeping the Howells, Ginger, Mary Ann, and the professor alive for all those seasons.

[Learn more about Allen West’s vision for this nation in his book Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin’s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom]


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