Katy Perry makes JAW-DROPPING apology that has people scratching their heads…

Since the election of Donald Trump, liberal celebrity hysteria has been in overdrive. Shockingly enough, rich actors and musicians everywhere can’t seem to figure out why an unemployed factory worker in Michigan doesn’t trust their better judgement. Don’t you worry though, these same celebrities have vowed to resist the fairly elected president of the United States at every turn…. for our own good of course.

Perhaps no celebrity personifies this “movement” better than Katy Perry. As an avid Hillary Clinton supporter, Perry was left dismayed by her stunning election defeat. Of course, Perry’s actions since November have been nothing short of delusional.

In recent months, the pop singer’s rantings have become crazier with each passing day. She’s said that it’s time to lead a revolution, even hinting at the use of violence to carry it out. However, in response to the awful attack at an Arianna Grande concert, her solution was “love” and “open borders.” Yet somehow, Perry can’t seem to comprehend how her message doesn’t connect with the average American.

In the wake of all of this nonsense, Katy Perry has come out and made a public apology. Not for advocating the overthrow of the American government, but for her much more sinister actions. What could be more sinister than advocating treason you ask? Well, Katy Perry has admitted to being guilty to the greatest sin of them all…. cultural appropriation.

From Reason:

Katy Perry has made a public apology. She’s been filmed making a mea culpa. She has confessed to having made “several mistakes” in recent years. So what exactly were her moral crimes? Did she get embroiled in a drug scandal? Is she a tax-dodging queen? Did her spat with Taylor Swift cross the line from tweets to violence?

Nope. She once wore her hair in cornrows.

The cultural appropriation hysteria has reached such a fever pitch that celebs are now apologizing for hairstyles. In an interview with DeRay McKesson, Black Lives Matter activist and host of the podcast Pod Save The People, Perry fessed up to her many “mistakes,” including sporting cornrows in the video for “This Is How We Do” and rocking the geisha look at the 2013 American Music Awards. 

Sadly, modern liberals have started to demonize what makes America so special. As the most ethnically and culturally diverse nation on Earth, Americans have been mixing and matching cultures for generations. We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco De Mayo, have pizza parties and cook up brats in our backyard barbecue, all while creating unique art and music popular the world over. In short, America has benefited from cultural appropriation, not suffered from it.

Yet Perry’s confession shows how out of touch the left has become. Voters in Michigan and Wisconsin aren’t concerned with cultural appropriation; they want a job so they can feed their family. Despite this, the Democrat Party has become so caught up in identity politics, they’ve totally forgotten their base.

If celebrities like Perry wonder why their political advocacy falls on deaf ears, it’s hysteria like this. Americans don’t need an apology for your hair style, they need an apology for eight years of weak economic growth. Until liberals start offering solutions in place of making up problems, they can expect the Republican Party to continue appropriating their voters.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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