After Warriors win NBA championship, BOMB drops on White House visit

It seems impossible these days not to politicize every little damn thing that happens. We can’t even bask in the glory of a great sporting event without having to deal with anti-Trump garbage.

Case in point? The Golden State Warriors won last night (a fact that only escaped you if you were living under a rock), and the big discussion is not how well they played, but whether or not the team is going to visit the White House.


Per The Hill, The Golden State Warriors, fresh off an NBA championship win Monday night, face a decision on whether to partake in a White House visit to celebrate their title.

NBA champions traditionally head to Washington to meet with the president after their victory, but key members of the Warriors have been vocally opposed to President Trump during the campaign and since his election.

Head coach Steve Kerr criticized his executive order on travel, and star player Stephen Curry said Trump is an asset “if you remove the ‘et.’ ”

Forward David West said earlier this year of Trump: “All the tactics that he used to get elected are the very things someone like me, who works with youth on a consistent basis, are the things that we try to talk our young folks out of doing.”

CNBC analyst Josh Brown tweeted that the Warriors are skipping the White House visit, although it was unclear what reports he was citing.

Oh for goodness sake people! To quote Rodney King, “can’t we all just get along?” Not even for an hour?

[This article was written by Michele Hickford, author of the brutally honest and bitingly funny Do I Need To Slap You?]


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