Liberal ATTACKS Barron Trump over t-shirt, then the Internet steps in…

When it comes to politics, particularly when critiquing a president’s performance, there are certain things off limits to personal attack, and children certainly fall into that category.

Many liberals were rightfully upset any time someone on the right slammed or ripped on former President Obama’s daughters because that simply crosses a line of decency that should never be crossed.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Trump is being afforded the same level of respect, as his 11-year-old son has been attacked several times by those on the left, including threats to come after him by Kathy Griffin.

Well, another left-winger is coming full tilt for Barron, all because of the shirt he wore.

via Twitchy:

Beggs went on to tweet, after getting chastised for coming after Barron, that she wasn’t attacking him, but the people who bought him the shirt.

Too bad the majority of folks didn’t seem to agree.

It seems the consensus is children are off limits. As they should be. Always. Without excuse.

You can say whatever you want about Trump, as he’s an adult and can handle all the criticism coming his way with ease. He ran for office knowing full well what to expect should he win. The man is clearly battle ready.

Barron, however, didn’t ask to be the son of the president. He just is. Why go after him just because you don’t like his father? That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Let’s leave kids out of the fray.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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