In a BIZARRE twist, ‘Sex and the City’ actress takes the stage to dedicate her award to…

For celebrities, it’s become the “hip” and “cool” thing to do these days to use your platform for “hashtag activism” — meaning you basically are politically active on social media, where you don’t have to actually do anything that makes a difference, but can still look like you give a crap.

This has become popular among Hollywood elites, especially aging stars, as it helps keep them “relevant” to younger viewers and keeps steady work rolling in.

The latest such case comes from Cynthia Nixon, former star of “Sex and the City,” who decided to dedicate her Tony award to activists trying to take down President Trump.

According to LifeZette:

These days, it truly wouldn’t be an awards show unless entitled Hollywood elites used the platform to push their own political agenda.

That’s exactly what Cynthia Nixon, best known for her role in the TV show “Sex and the City,” did when she won the award for best featured actress in the play “The Little Foxes.”

Again, these shenanigans aren’t really about making a difference in the world, it’s about keeping fresh, up to date, and relevant.

There are plenty of battles that need to be fought, but the work required to make real, lasting change is just too much effort for those who do all of their activism online, where it’s safe.

Perhaps one day this will fade out of popularity, though it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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