Olympics introduces JAW-DROPPING change for 2020 games

It was probably only a matter of time. Ratings for the Olympics have slowly declined. Fewer and fewer nations are interested in hosting the event, given the high investment needed to stage it.

So what’s the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to do in these changing times? Get with the progressive, globalist program, apparently.

In addition to adding trendier sports like BMX and “the madison” (a team cycling event on a track), the Olympics is breaking the gender barrier and adding mixed-gender events in athletics, swimming, table tennis and triathlon.

Hey, it worked for the Hunger Games, right?

Per the BBC, The Games will include a 4x400m mixed relay in athletics and a 4x100m medley mixed relay in swimming.

IOC president Thomas Bach said the Games will be “more youthful, more urban and include more women.”

“We have taken a really important step forward in terms of gender equality,” said IOC sports director Kit McConnell.

Rio 2016 champion swimmer Adam Peaty said on Thursday the introduction of mixed events for Tokyo 2020 would make the Olympics “more fun.”

“Obviously it’s very serious, but it’s great to mix things up from what they’ve been for so long as it adds a little spice and they’re great to watch.”

The IAAF welcomed the introduction of mixed relays but says it could be difficult to implement.

It said in a statement: “We should not expect the athletes entered to compete in the men’s and women’s 4x400m relays, from which the participants for the mixed relay will be naturally drawn, to compete in a third round of heats and finals for the mixed relay without allocating the appropriate space and time in the programme or enabling teams to bring additional athletes.”

But who cares if it makes sense or is feasible or if the athletes can even do it? It’s the “right” thing to do. Just like in our military. Who cares if women simply don’t have the physical ability to become Army Rangers or Navy SEALS? We must have them in those ranks to demonstrate gender equality.

“Equality” has become such a useless term. Of course we must ensure equality of opportunity, whether it’s in education or employment, and demand equality of treatment before the law. No question about that.

But can we just agree it’s not possible to stamp out humans like cookies and make them all “equal?”

Olympians by nature aren’t “normal.” That’s how they got to be champions. Their skills are unequal. That’s why some win medals and some don’t. If women go head-to-head against men and lose, will feminists complain it wasn’t “fair?”

And of course the next question is…what’s the IOC’s opinion on transgender athletes? We’ve already seen a transgender weightlifter, who was born male smashing the competition against those poor, unfortunate girlies who were born female and want to stay that way. How is THAT fair?

What’s not fair is having to endure a progressive agenda shoved down your throat. But we all have an option. We simply don’t have to watch.

[This article was written by Michele Hickford, author of the brutally honest and bitingly funny Do I Need To Slap You?]


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