After trucks and knives, ISIS now training fighters for the UNTHINKABLE…

Most who are paying attention have seen President George W. Bush’s prophetic warnings from 2007 wherein he laid out the case that, despite liberals’ calls for it, a complete troop withdrawal from Iraq would lead to the formation of a terror network even worse than al-Qaeda. We now know that network as ISIS.

Barack Obama was specifically told both by Bush’s outgoing and his own incoming military advisors that a total withdrawal from Iraq would lead to disaster. Ignoring them, Obama extracted our troops (a decision he later claimed was not his) and gave the planet ISIS.

The modern world has scarcely seen the level of monstrous brutality of which ISIS is capable. From knife beheadings to burning and drowning people alive, it seems no form a death is too good for an infidel.  After encouraging followers to mow down victims with vehicles and stab them randomly, they’re now testing methods of mass destruction on a scale we haven’t yet imagined.

Per the UK Independent, ISIS is now testing chemical weapons on human guinea pigs.

“Security forces now fear the Islamist group may hatch a plot to contaminate Western food supplies with formulas that quickly dissolve in liquid.

The extremist group has reportedly poisoned prisoners by spiking their food and water with compounds used in pesticides that are easy to obtain. 

The experiments were recorded in a stash of papers found hidden in Mosul University after Iraqi special forces recaptured the city from IS fighters. 

They reveal one victim was fed thallium sulphate – a colourless, tasteless salt that can be dissolved in water – and began to suffer fever, nausea, and swelling of the stomach and brain before dying in agony ten days later. 

ISIS described the chemical as an “ideal lethal poison” and claimed to be in “possession of an ample amount of the solution to fill demands”, according to the documents, which were verified by British and US forces and later obtained by The Times

Terrorists also injected a nicotine-based compound, said to have no antidote, into another victim who passed out within seconds and died hours later.”

This is horrific news and brings to mind the words of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair who in the days following 9/11 commented, “They have killed 3,000 but can there be any doubt that if they could have killed 30,000 they would have and rejoiced in doing so?”

How has ISIS been able to develop weapons of this sophistication? The Independent column concludes:

“They are thought to have used Mosul University, one of the largest in the Middle East, to develop chemical weapons for the last three years.

The programme is now believed to have moved to the group’s headquarters in Raqqa, Syria.”

Mosul University. Located in Mosul, Iraq. A city taken at the cost of many American lives and much bloodshed. A city that was once 100 percent under the control of U.S. and allied forces. Under our control that is, until Barack Obama gave it right back. And for that decision the world may be getting closer to paying an even more tragic price.

[Note; This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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