Just in: Look who else CNN FINALLY fired…

Reza Aslan has enjoyed a lengthy career as the mainstream media’s “moderate Muslim on demand.”

Whenever there’s a terror attack somewhere, or some backward practice in an Islamic country, he’ll be summoned to rationalize it and deflect all blame from Islam. For example, what are we to make of the epidemic of female genital mutilation in Islamic countries? Just go on CNN, lie, and claim FGM is a central-African problem, not a Muslim problem! All you need to do to believe such a claim is ignore that nearly every single central-African country with a FGM problem is majority-Muslim.

What about barbaric regressive societies like Saudi Arabia? What about the unequal treatment of women under Islamic law? There are plenty of moderate Muslim countries Aslan will tell us, just look at nations like Indonesia and Malaysia, he says. A bizarre choice of nations to cite as examples, as over 90 percent of Muslim women in both countries undergo FGM, which would be ironic if it wasn’t so tragic.

For a great primer on Aslan’s pseudo-scholarship, see the video below (which is produced by a liberal, by the way):

It wasn’t his faulty arguments that ended up getting him canned from CNN however, it’s his twitter feed. He has a lengthy rap-sheet there, which includes tweets wishing rape on certain Republicans (which he’s deleted this week), among many, many other controversial comments. A particular tweet directed at President Donald Trump however (note that this is literally the thousandth one) ended up being the straw that broke the camel’s back.

According to the Daily Wire, triggered by CNN host Reza Aslan’s incendiary rhetoric regarding President Trump, one example including him calling Trump a “piece of s***,” CNN has decided to drop his non-fiction show, Believer with Reza Aslan.

CNN released a statement, saying, “CNN has decided to not move forward with production on the acquired series ‘Believer.’ We wish Reza and his production team all the best.”

Aslan had responded to this tweet from Trump about his “travel ban.” 

Aslan first tweeted this, which he later deleted:

This isn’t even the first time he’s done it either. As the Media Research Center noted, “He called Trump a “POS” — how polite to abbreviate it — on May 17 in response to a Huffington Post article, saying, “This is precisely the bull—- that led a record 81% of WHITE evangelicals to vote for a greedy lecherous racist pathological lying POS.” On May 9, he called Trump a “lying conniving scumbag narcissistic sociopath piece of s— fake president.”

What a guy! Now, shall we place bets on how long it is until MSNBC picks him up? Or maybe he and Kathy Griffin can go on the road together.

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. He is a co-author of the new book A Paradoxical Alliance: Islam and the Left, and can be found on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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