Comedian Jim Jefferies suggests bringing back slavery; liberal reaction is STUNNING

Lots of talk these days about “privilege” (though it probably is worth noting there was practically no such talk prior to about eight-and-a-half years ago, gee, what happened?). Such talk is justified – there are certain groups in America who enjoy “privileges” others do not. Who are these privileged individuals? Liberals, of course. The main reason all liberals enjoy special privilege status is because they do not hold themselves to the same standards to which they hold everyone else.

Within the broad category of #LiberalPrivilege is a subset of individuals who are even more immune than their everyday, run-of-the-mill liberal brethren – liberal comedians. If you’re a comedian (or just play one on tv) you pretty much can get away with saying just about anything about any individual or group because you can just pull out the old “I’m a comedian who was making a joke” card and magically all’s well.

Last month we all were appalled when Stephen Colbert used the occasion of his monologue to go all-in on one of the left’s favorites —homophobia— and made a crude statement about his view of an appropriate use for the president of the United State’s mouth.  But that’s ok homosexuals, he was only joking.

Not to be outdone, last week Bill Maher decided to drop an n-bomb onto his airwaves. The one word that will get you run out of town by Charlie Rangel, Al Sharpton, the NAACP and everyone else. Did Maher get run? Not so much. It was only a joke.

In neither case were the statements made live, meaning producers for the shows knew about the offensive terms in advance and chose to air them anyway. Have either Colbert or Maher been fired or held accountable in any fashion at all? No.

Now Comedy Central’s Jim Jefferies has decided to jump into the shallow end and exercise some of his own #LiberalComedianPrivilege with an unfunny bit wherein he advocates for bringing back slavery.

His opening bit on “The Jim Jefferies Show” went something like this:

“How do you solve racism in America? Bring back slavery. Wait, hear me out–bring back slavery, but this time everyone has a go. I call it ‘Two Years a Slave.’ ”

Ha ha, really funny right? With a set up this awkward its tough to imagine the entire bit having a prayer and even though the opening brought little more than a few audience chuckles, Jefferies was now committed and went on to explain his funny slavery plan:

“Everyone slaves up for two years then another race comes in and takes over and then they slave up for two years. See, the secret to being a good person is treat people as you’d like to be treated. How good would you treat your slave if you knew they were gonna be in charge of you in a year or so’s time?”

Then he even decided to go with this:

“As a show of good faith, the white people will go first. Otherwise, no one will trust us.”

Before the lame gag was over Jefferies took the racism meter up yet a few more notches and went on to promote negative stereotypes by mocking Asians as bad drivers, Latinos as manual laborers, and Middle Easterners as lunatics.

Here’s a clue, Jimbo, if you really are concerned with creating a better society, maybe a better way to approach it would be by not joking and poking fun at something as awful, brutal and as traumatic as slavery in the first place. What’s next, a bit about the need for a second Holocaust in order to bring the world better matzo ball soup?

But fret not Mr. Jefferies. We all know that just like Mr. Maher and Mr. Colbert– and let’s not forget Ms. Griffin — you were only joking.

#LiberalPrivilege lives.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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