Hillary comments on London terror attack; INSTANTLY steps in it

Hillary Clinton is still desperately trying to maintain a certain amount of public presence in the political sphere, which might be why she continues to weigh in on President Trump’s decisions and take veiled jabs at him whenever possible.

The latest of these takes the form of a defense she gave of London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, and his response to the terrorist attacks that rocked the city over the weekend.

According to The Washington Times:

Hillary Clinton on Monday praised London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s leadership following Saturday’s terrorist attack, telling a crowd in Baltimore that now is not the time to use terror “for political gain.”

The failed Democratic presidential nominee issued the thinly veiled attack against President Trump, without naming him or his policies directly, while speaking in Fells Point for the Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel, a high school fellowship program for black and Jewish students, The Baltimore Sun reported.

“This is a time for us to reach out to the world, to understand more about what is happening — not just in our own country, but indeed across the globe,” Mrs. Clinton said. “It’s a time for steady, determined leadership, like we are seeing from local authorities in London, including the mayor of London.

“And it’s important to remember how important our alliances are,” she continued. “It’s even more important that we work together with our allies and our friends and our partners. Yes, to keep us safe, but also to expand our understanding or what we can achieve together.

“This is not a time to lash out, to incite fear or to use tragedy and terror for political gain,” she said to a wave of applause.

“I’m asked quite often these days, what can we do? And the answer is as varied as the questioners,” she said. “There are so many ways for us to reach out, bring people together, set some common goals and work toward achieving them, to help build that brighter future for generations to come and, yes, for building leaders by building bridges, not walls.”

No, actually, the solution to the problem involves not allowing the unvetted from nations that supports radical Islam into the country, and actually going the extra mile to screen folks who do desire to come in through the proper channels. Countries have borders for a reason, and that’s to protect their own citizens.

Clinton is clearly capitalizing on these attacks by taking an opportunity to give her opinion, the very same thing she’s criticizing others for.

Clearly the irony is lost on her…

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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