BREAKING: Trump announces new FBI pick…via Twitter

Clearly, this is the “new normal” under the Trump administration. President Trump is not putting down the phone, not giving up Twitter, as he appears to feel it’s the only way he can communicate directly with America and the world without having to go through a biased media filter.

And so, in typical Trump fashion, this morning he posted this tweet about who he will be nominating to head up the FBI.

This announcement comes just one day before James Comey is set to testify before the Senate.

Per CNN, Wray headed up the Justice Department’s criminal division from 2003 to 2005 under President George W. Bush and is currently a litigation partner at the DC-based law firm King & Spalding, where he chairs the firm’s Special Matters and Government Investigations Practice Group.

He also represented New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie during the “Bridgegate” investigation into lane closures at the George Washington Bridge. Last week, Christie told the Bergen Record that Trump “would not be making a mistake” were he to tap Wray to lead the FBI.

Hm. Is an endorsement by Chris Christie good news or bad news?

Wray was among the top Justice Department officials who planned to resign en masse with Comey and then-FBI Director Robert Mueller after top White House officials attempted in 2004 to reinstate a warrantless domestic surveillance program that the Justice Department had ruled illegal.

He was unanimously confirmed by the Senate in 2003 to lead the Justice Department’s criminal division, where he oversaw several high-profile investigations, from the Enron scandal to the Justice Department’s response to terrorism in the wake of 9/11.

Well, let’s hope this transition goes smoothly, but given the first six or so months of the Trump administration, that seems wishful thinking.

[This article was written by Michele Hickford, author of the brutally honest and bitingly funny Do I Need To Slap You?]

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