Liberals launch a NEW Elizabeth Warren campaign…and it’s NOT for office!

With all of the liberal insanity that seems to be flooding the news cycle daily, you’d think there would be nothing that could shock or surprise us anymore, but, apparently, you’d be dead wrong.

Just when you thought you’d seen the nuttiest the left has to offer, along comes a group of Elizabeth Warren fans who’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to make her into an action figure.

This is totally for real.

The Huffington Post is reporting:

Calling all Elizabeth Warren fans: the Massachusetts state Senator could soon have her very own action figure and it looks pretty damn awesome.

A Kickstarter campaign to fund an Elizabeth Warren action figure went live Tuesday afternoon featuring a six-inch Warren in a black and red pantsuit. The Kickstarter campaign has to raise $15,000 in order for the Warren action figure to go into production.

The Kickstarter was created by the Brooklyn-based company FCTRY, which has funded and created other political action figures such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

Jason Feinberg, the CEO and Creative Director of FCTRY, told HuffPost they chose Warren as their next action figure because she is by far “the most exciting character” to work on right now.

“The moment Mitch McConnell spoke the words, ‘Nevertheless, she persisted,’ we knew Liz had to be our next figure,” Feinberg told HuffPost. “Elizabeth Warren is a relentless fighter and it reinvigorated us to see her go toe-to-toe with the Republicans at a time when we personally were still shell-shocked.”

Most of the profit from FCTRY’s political action figures are donated to the ACLU or other progressive organizations. Feinberg said Warren’s action figure will be no different: All proceeds from Warren’s political action figure will go to Emily’s List, a non-profit with mission is to help elect pro-choice Democratic women to office.

Did you catch the irony there? The proceeds from a toy for children is going to an organization committed to keeping them from being born to begin with.

“Liberal logic” sure is an oxymoron…

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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