UK leader has MIND-SHATTERING response to London terror attacks

In the wake of a brutal and deadly series of terrorist attacks in London over the weekend, British Prime Minister Theresa May has come up with a surefire way to successfully fight terrorism in her home country.

No, it’s not with military action or by changing the obviously failing immigration policies that have allowed terrorists to infiltrate the United Kingdom.

Instead of doing things that actually work, May says the answer lies in restricting the Internet.

The Daily Caller is reporting, “We need to work with allied democratic governments to reach international agreements to regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning,” May stated in her Sunday speech. She also declared that the “pluralistic values of Britain” must be established as “superior” to any other value set.

It is undoubtedly true that ISIS and other Islamic terror groups have benefited from the internet in gaining new recruits and spreading their dangerous message to the world.

However, we should be suspicious of the British government wanting to clamp down on the internet in the name of combating “extremism.” For one, the “extremism” that would likely come under regulation would be from critics of Islamism, rather than Islamism itself.

The UK already has a lengthy record for targeting so-called “Islamophobia” spread on the Internet. Back in 2013, the British government arrested several citizens in the middle of the night over their “racist” comments following a Muslim extremist decapitating British soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight.

In February 2016, U.K. police arrested a Scottish man who was upset over the large number of refugees who were set to settle in his small town. A month later, authorities detained a London man for his apparently “Islamophobic” tweet in response to the Brussels terror attack.

The British police haven’t altered their infatuation with dealing with mean internet comments in response to the nation’s recent terror attacks. When political commentator Katie Hopkins tweeted a call for British men to protect their wives and children from terror after the Manchester concert bombing, London Metropolitan Police announced they were investigating the tweet.

Further restricting freedom of speech hardly seems like a reasonable response, when clearly the terror attacks the United Kingdom is suffering through are the result of allowing jihadists to slip in amongst refugees or not sufficiently monitoring the tens of thousands who are already there.

Lax immigration policies along with a refusal to admit that the problem is radical Islam itself will guarantee further attacks.

The question to ask is how many lives must be lost before progressives let go of the ideology behind open borders and seriously confront the evil occurring in their own streets?

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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