Poor Elizabeth Warren just got MORE bad news…

Howard Dean, former Democratic National Committee chair and presidential candidate, delivered a massive body slam to notorious Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, with a comment that’s sure to rub liberals the wrong way or at least Sen. Warren.

Dean took a shot at Warren and the possibility of her one day running for the White House, saying, “we need younger people running for president.”


According to The Washington Free Beacon, MSNBC host Joy Reid asked Dean whether Warren would be a “viable candidate” for president in 2020 because she shares the same philosophy that Dean had during his presidential run, when he said that Democrats “need to get back to being Democrats.”

“She’d certainly be viable. I believe strongly that my generation needs to step into a coaching role and that we need to have much younger people running for president,” Dean said. “It’s very unusual to go back a generation in politics.”

He continued by talking about how Barack Obama was part of a new generation and that the Democrats “went back” with their nomination of Hillary Clinton due to the legacy of the Clinton family.

“I’d like to see somebody between the age of 40 and 55 run for president of the United States and get the nomination and be the next president.” Dean said. “I wonder who that person might be. There’s plenty of good people.”

Elizabeth Warren will be 71 at the time of the next presidential election, so yeah, not exactly a “spring chicken,” as they say.

It’s rather hilarious that the Democratic Party, which so often prides itself on being the voice of a younger generation, just gushing with diversity, typically runs a lot of old, crusty white men for political office.

One has to wonder how this comment will strike liberals, particularly on social media, as so many delicate snowflakes are quick to throw terms like sexism and ageism around. Will Dean be graced with such a label?

Or will he get a pass since he’s a leftist? That’s a much easier bet than Cavs vs. Warriors.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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