Horrific: Look how many people have been KILLED so far during Muslim “holy month”

The religion of peace needs a new PR firm.

Perhaps that’s insensitive.

The holy month of Ramadan began 10 days ago on May 26th. During the month, Muslims worldwide must fast during the day and spend the month in prayer, repentance and coming closer to their god.

Three of them achieved that final goal quicker than most last night when they were gunned down by London police after unleashing an orgy of violence.

But sadly, they are not outliers. TheBlaze has tallied up the death count so far, carried out by Muslims during Ramadan.

In total, including Saturday’s attack in London, more than 150 people have died as a result of attacks carried out by Islamic extremists during Ramadan this year.

The major attacks of Ramadan 2017 include twin suicide bombings in Baghdad and a massive suicide borne vehicle bomb in Afghanistan. An unconfirmed terrorist incident also occurred at a casino hotel in Manila earlier this week.

Indeed, terrorists living in the Islamic State have called on Muslims around the world to launch attacks during Ramadan, especially to target Christians and Westerners. The terrorists encourage other Muslims around the world by saying a Muslim will enjoy increased rewards in paradise if they perpetrate attacks during Ramadan.

Last year, more than 400 people were killed by Islamic terror attacks during Ramadan. This year, there has been an average of 15 per day. We have 20 more days. If this keeps up, 2017 will exceed the 2016 death toll.

Here is CAIR’s (the Counsel on American Islamic Relations) heartfelt statement on last night’s attack:

Strangely, we could find no such condemnation of the Manchester bombing.

Bad PR, don’t you think?

[This article was written by Michele Hickford, author of the brutally honest and bitingly funny Do I Need To Slap You?]

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