Watch CNN host throw SERIOUS shade on Clinton: “The Russians cloaked…”

During the 2016 election, most of the mainstream media was doing everything it could to get Hillary Clinton elected. Of all the networks, none was more in the bag for Clinton than CNN. CNN’s coverage of Clinton was so glowing, many observers dubbed it the Clinton News Network. Far from being news, the network was essentially pure propaganda.

Of course, CNN’s efforts to push Clinton over the top failed. However, that didn’t really improve CNN’s coverage. With nobody to get elected, CNN pivoted to covering President Trump in the most negative light possible. It’s gotten so bad, that a recent study showed 93 percent of CNN’s coverage of the president has been negative. It’s hard to imagine those numbers would be the same if Clinton had been elected.

With that in mind, you might think CNN would be overjoyed now that Hillary Clinton has started to break her silence. After all, she was the “most qualified candidate in history” according to many at the network. However, Clinton’s return to the spotlight has played more like an excuse tour. The lack of self-awareness has been been astonishing, even prompting one panelist at CNN to drop a brutal burn on the former candidate.

From Breitbart:

Thursday on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” during a panel discussion on Hillary Clinton’s reasons for losing the presidential election to Donald Trump, host John King mocked Clinton.

The Washington Post’s Karoun Demirjian added, “It’s an issue of tone as well. She kind of took the ‘Oh, well, I had problems, but the big problems were in the party.’ If she did it the the opposite way—to say there are problems in the party and we should think about fixing them and itemize them, which you can do.”

King added, “You don’t understand. The Russians cloaked Wisconsin so she couldn’t find it on a map to get there and campaign there.”


Hillary Clinton was one of the most flawed candidates ever to run for our nation’s highest office. Scandals have plagued her political career, not least of which was her home-brewed email server. Americans saw through the political act, deciding to vote for a change in direction.

However, Clinton is unwilling to see things that way. Just like when she was a candidate, everyone else is at fault for her problems. The excuses are getting old, even to those on the network that tried to push her to the White House.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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