Whoa: People notice something UNSETTLING about where Ariana Grande’s benefit concert is being held

This Saturday, Ariana Grande is performing at a benefit concert called “One Love Manchester” for the victims of the Islamic terror attack. According to the posters, “all proceeds will benefit the victims and families affected.”

Tickets for the event, which also features Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams, Take That, One Direction star Niall Horan and R&B star Usher, sold out in six minutes apparently. Free tickets will be given to everyone who attended the previous event.

The concert will be held at “Old Trafford,” a famous cricket ground in Manchester. Per the Mirror, the new venue is located in the borough of Streford: 3.8 miles from her original city-center show. It was founded in 1864 but underwent major redevelopment between 2003-2016, which helped transform it into an open-air music amphitheater.

Offering a maximum capacity of 65,000, it is only 15,000 short of the numbers which (her previous concert, where the attack occurred) was able to seat…meaning the overwhelming majority of fans will get the chance to see their idol.

However, like many sports facilities around the world, Old Trafford has a sponsor’s name attached to it.

In 2013, as part of a 10-year deal, Old Trafford became “Emirates Old Trafford.”

Emirates, in case you didn’t know, is the airline of the United Arab Emirates, headquartered in Dubai. Among its destinations include Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Oman, Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Sort of an odd coincidence, don’t you think? Or perhaps we’re just being Islamophobic. After all, there was widespread condemnation of the attack from all those nations. Or did we miss it?

[This article was written by Michele Hickford, author of the brutally honest and bitingly funny Do I Need To Slap You?]


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