Kathy Griffin claims she’s a victim of “sexism;” Piers Morgan has BRUTAL response

Nothing seems to scream, “it’s the end of the world” quite like raging liberal and gun-hater Piers Morgan saying something rational and agreeable. It just makes you feel sort of strange.

Morgan decided to weigh in on the whole Kathy Griffin, severed head of Trump controversy after claims that the fiasco is due to the comedian being a victim of….wait for it….sexism!

Piers’ response pretty much sums up all that needs to be said on the matter.

Here’s a few details about Griffin’s claim of being a “victim of bullying,” via NY Post:

The embattled comic, who sparked outrage for holding up a fake bloody head of President Trump, says she’s now a victim — of bullying by the Trump family.

Griffin, 56, who has hired attorney Lisa Bloom, plans to explain her “true motivations” behind the head-scratching shoot by photographer Tyler Shields at a news conference Friday, TMZ reported.

The celebrity lawyer tweeted that her client will lash out at the commander-in-chief and respond to “bullying from the Trump family she has endured.”

As a result of the backlash, CNN yanked Griffin from its New Year’s Eve coverage. Toilet footstool creator Squatty Potty also dumped her endorsement deal.

Oh boohoo for you, Kathy Griffin. What in the world did she expect would happen after creating such a horrifying image of a sitting president’s decapitated head?

Did she really think that would catapult her back into the limelight by taking advantage of the current political climate and going extreme without any sort of backlash?

Obviously so.

You know she crossed a BIG line when even Piers Morgan starts to sound like a conservative.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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