DNC exec tweets profanity-laced RANT against Hillary; INSTANTLY regrets it

Hillary Clinton is still going on and on about her 2016 election loss, making it clear that what happened was the fault of everyone else involved in her campaign and had nothing to do with her.

She definitely does not seem to ascribe to the message in the old Led Zeppelin song, “Nobody’s Fault but Mine.” Perhaps she ought to add that to her playlist on repeat.

Anyway, Clinton has started to run afoul of folks in her own camp, including DNC executive Andrew Therriault who took her to task in a series of brutal tweets that he later deleted.

Here’s the lowdown via Twitchy:

From Hot Air:

Andrew Therriault made it clear that he has no intention of serving as Hillary Clinton’s scapegoat — at least for a little while. The former Director of Data Science for the DNC took to Twitter early this morning to castigate the two-time fumbler on presidential elections for her “f****** b***s***” accusations. Sometime later in the morning, Therriault apparently thought better of his attack, but Jay Caruso captured his tweets before they got deleted.

Someone is DEFINITELY off the DNC’s Christmas card list. *snort*

There’s just something slightly magical when watching the left devour itself, particularly when it comes to Hillary because she’s just so notoriously despicable.

Her constant blame shifting indicates a failure to take responsibility for her own actions, something that’s been clear to the majority of us for years. Benghazi, anyone?

The DNC even helped bury Bernie Sanders to ensure she got the nomination, and what’s the thanks they get? The burden of blame for her epic and humiliating loss.

Talk about biting the hand that feeds.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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