WOW! Kathy Griffin’s latest rejection has got to really BURN

Kathy Griffin may have made the absolute biggest mistake of her career by posting the gruesome picture of a beheaded President Trump, as she’s not only lost her job with CNN and incurred the wrath of folks on both sides of the political spectrum, but now she’s also being rejected by Satan and his followers.

You know things are bad when the Prince of Darkness and his moody brood want nothing to do with you.

The following quote was taken from a piece that was written before CNN announced they were parting ways with Griffin.

According to The American Mirror:

After the attention-starved “comedian” participated in a photo shoot where she posed with the bloody severed head resembling that of President Trump, and the image was posted on Tuesday, the Church of Satan disavowed her.

Mike Cernovich tweeted, “CNN has yet to issue a statement about Satanic-ISIS death threats made by its employee Kathy Griffin.”

Wow. Now that’a true self-esteem killer right there, wouldn’t you agree?

How sad is it that the Church of Satan responded faster to disavow Griffin than CNN did?

CNN and the Church of Satan aren’t the only ones to distances themselves from the comedian, as MGM also kicked her to the curb.

via KVVU-TV:

Late Tuesday, as Griffin issued an apology over the photo, the Mirage’s parent company, MGM Resorts International, said there are no future show dates featuring the stand-up comic.

“Contrary to previous, inaccurate reporting, MGM Resorts has no future shows scheduled with Ms. Griffin at any of its venues,” said MGM Resorts in a statement. “The incident in question clearly crosses the line of respect and decency and is not something we support or condone.”

Perhaps Griffin will learn a much needed lesson here about how shock “humor” is a risk that can destroy an entire career and is therefore not worth taking.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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