Kathy Griffin FIRED by CNN, but look who’s STILL standing by her…

Comedian Kathy Griffin has officially reaped what she sowed after getting canned by CNN for posting a disturbing photo of President Trump decapitated, yet despite backlash, everyone’s favorite Sen. Al Franken isn’t phased a bit.

Apparently Franken is still planning on holding an event with Griffin, and while he disagrees with her posting the photo, believes her apology is sincere, so why not keep the show going?

Liberals truly do stick together, don’t they?

According to BizPacReview, “Kathy’s a friend and she’s a terrific comedian, but this had no business being in our public discourse,” Franken told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day” Wednesday.

“She actually begged for forgiveness,” the Democratic lawmaker said. “And I believe in forgiveness.”

But not everyone is as forgiving as Franken, who is scheduled to appear with Griffin in “Senator Al Franken in Conversation with Kathy Griffin,” an event on July 7 in Beverly Hills promoting his new book, “Giant of the Senate.”

But Franken told Camerota he still plans to attend the event and believes Griffin will recover from her “horrible mistake.”

“I think she did the right thing asking for forgiveness and acknowledging that this was a horrible mistake, so I think she can,” the former “Saturday Night Live” writer said.

Sorry, but Griffin’s apology was only because she got in big trouble and was desperately attempting to save face, which she obviously failed at pretty miserably, as not even CNN was in the “forgiving” mood.

Franken doesn’t get a whole lot of respect from the average American and he’s guilty of being pretty despicable himself, but if he truly values his reputation he’ll cancel the event. Guess we’ll know that answer soon enough.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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