Jake Tapper DESTROYS Rosie over Kathy Griffin controversy in ONE epic tweet; THEN…

Anybody and everybody is talking about the Kathy Griffin stunt involving a photo of the president and his severed head, and it’s even causing some folks on the left to go at each other.

CNN host Jake Tapper denounced Griffin’s actions in posting the horrific picture, a move which flared the raging temper of comedienne Rosie O’Donnell, who decided to start a Twitter battle with the journalist, a move she, no doubt, later regretted.

He shreds her pretty hard and it totally goes over her head.

As Twitchy reported:

Jake Tapper took a very proactive approach in calling out Kathy Griffin’s gross display earlier this week:

Disgusting and inappropriate. Of course those two words describe Griffin in GENERAL but they’re also perfect for the stunt (and it was a stunt) she pulled this time around.

That being said, Rosie O’Donnell took issue with Tapper’s tweet about Griffin and started tweeting at him in ALL CAPS which in the world of social media is yelling:

Tapper is responsible for Tapper, and for whatever reason she can’t deal with it.

She also set herself up for an EPIC takedown:

Yes, that’s right, Jake Tapper just called Rosie a, well, you know, right there, in what is a rather suave, subtle burn.

So subtle it flies right over Rosie’s head like a 757.

Poor, clueless Rosie. The fact she missed the diss is absolutely hilarious, yet sort of sad and invokes a bit of sympathy for her. Okay, not really.

[This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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