People notice something ODD about the Tiger Woods mugshot on ESPN

The top story in much of the sports world right now is the DUI arrest of golf legend Tiger Woods, whose mugshot is being passed around the Internet and is sure to become — if it hasn’t already — a fan favorite for memes.

Strangely, however, the original mugshot was altered when it was shown on ESPN’s “SportsCenter,” which dropped the background of the photo completely, and appeared to smooth Woods’ hair and grooming.

The network, after being mocked on social media, offered an explanation, but conservative firebrand Rush Limbaugh had a better theory.

According to BizPacReview, When news of the altered shot became a big story on social media, ESPN felt duty-bound to offer an explanation.

“We have utilized a standard template for on-air headshots, which led to the background being dropped for consistency,” ESPN said, according to the New York Daily News. “We will revisit this process to improve it going forward.”

Popular conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh offered a less complicated explanation. He observed that Woods continues to receive huge sums in endorsements from companies such as Nike, possibly in anticipation of a comeback.

“He has in the past sold gobs and gobs of stuff. He’s also being paid so nobody else can get him, ’cause everybody in the golf world is hoping and praying that Tiger will come back and be reborn and be the Tiger Woods of 1997 to 2005,” Limbaugh told his listeners. “They’re hoping. And they want to be there if he is. And they want, in his mind, to be the ones that stuck with him. So there’s much more to these endorsements than just the dollars and cents of what he’s selling now.”

You know, that Limbaugh fellow sure makes a lot of sense, doesn’t he?

Still, you just have to wonder if a little bit of political correctness wasn’t at play in ESPN’s decision to edit the picture. They’ve become notoriously left-wing in recent years, so nothing is surprising anymore.

How tragic it is to see such an amazing athlete, one of the best in the history of his sport, totally fall off the deep end and make a mess of his life.

Let’s hope brighter days are ahead for the guy.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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