Media turmoil: CBS news anchor CANNED

America’s mainstream news media is reeling, it’s that simple. With more and more eyes and ears defecting from the “Big 3” of television (ABC, CBS, NBC) and sales of daily print rags like the New York Times and Washington Post dragging along at historic lows it’s becoming apparent that Americans are increasingly turning to alternative sources (like for news.

Fox News has been in the headlines lately as well for its massive shake-up, and based on the most recent ratings, it’s not working out too well, as the network lost its first place spot for the first time in 17 years following Bill O’Reilly’s departure.

Now CBS is making a big change, hoping to improve its viewership, and boy did they do it with a bang.

CBS News anchor Scott Pelley has been unceremoniously canned while away on assignment. Just like that.

From the UK Daily Mail:
“CBS News anchor Scott Pelley has been fired from the network’s flagship evening news show.

Page Six reported that the face of CBS Evening News had his office cleared out while he was away on assignment for 60 Minutes.

‘It’s been coming for a long time. This could have been handled better – [Pelley] is away on a story, and they’re cleaning out his office,’ a source told the gossip column.  

It’s not the correct way to treat the face of CBS news,’ they added. The move apparently came because of friction between Pelley and CBS News president David Rhodes.

The source said the pair ‘don’t get on.’ “

Gee, ya think?  Talk about a lack of respect. His office was cleaned out while he was gone away on a company assignment?!

A familiar face in American living rooms, Pelley has anchored CBS’ flagship nightly news show “CBS Evening News” since taking over for its former dud hostess Katie Couric in 2011.

But Pelley is still going to land on his feet at CBS. Where? The CBS boneyard — good ‘ole 60 Minutes:

“[Rhodes] ‘is making [Pelley] move to 60 Minutes,’ the source said.

There was also the fact that Pelley didn’t get good ratings.

He is now believed to be making a permanent move to 60 Minutes, where he has been a correspondent since 2004.”

When you’re in broadcast journalism, any time you get moved from a show that airs daily to one that airs once a week, that’s a demotion. Triply so when you’re the host of that daily show. Pelly has been slapped about as hard as CBS can slap someone.

But as previously mentioned and just like America’s colleges and universities the mainstream media doesn’t learn and just keeps doubling down on its own one-sidedness by adding more faces and voices from the locked-step ranks of liberalism. We reported earlier this year that the queen of the Obama worshipers, Oprah Winfrey, was being added to 60 Minutes and now it appears she can move on over to make room for the network’s former primetime newscast host.

CBS has not yet released the name of Pelley’s successor –the ink on his firing paper is barely even dry– but you can bet it will be yet another from the Ivy League, ivory tower of east coast progressives who couldn’t tell you where Peoria is let alone actually having been there. Because that’s what they do.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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