BOOM: Medal of Honor Marine tells Trump how to beat ISIS: “unleash the…”

Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer hasn’t gone looking for a safe space and a binky since his transition to civilian life from the United States Marine Corps. In fact, Sgt. Meyer has been quite outspoken-urging the American government to just go ahead and vaporize ISIS before terrorist attacks become even more prevalent in this country.

In a recent appearance on Fox News, Meyer said he isn’t content to “bomb the sh*t” out of ISIS — he thinks President Trump should unleash the gates of hell on them:

“I’ve been saying this is going to happen for a long time.

When is it coming here?

I think the only way you get this point across is that we release the gates of hell on them and we start making war so ugly that…their recruitment videos… it won’t be cool to join ISIS anymore.

And at some point we’re going to have to do that… this labeling of ‘it’s a lone wolf’ attack… or saying it’s not connected or this or that…

You can’t just ignore this problem because it’s going to come here…

The only thing I am optimistic about with this situation is that we have a president… think whatever you want about his politics…

At least we have a president that’s in place that’s not going to allow us to be the victims… you can guarantee he’s going to do whatever it’s going to take… no matter if it’s popular in the court of public opinion… he’s going to do what’s right to protect America…”

Perhaps no one knows better than America’s military personnel, who’ve faced ISIS and al-Qaida on the battlefield, what needs to happen next in order to protect America. Paper-pushing politicians in Washington tour the safe zones in Iraq and Afghanistan and never face the bullets like Sgt. Meyer did. They’ve likely never spent one hour in a Forward Operating Base and haven’t had to attend the funeral of a loved one killed by the insane rules of engagement they dream up while sitting in offices guarded by the Secret Service.

Thank God for Americans like Dakota Meyer. Let’s hope President Trump will give special weight to their advice because they have first hand experience with the enemy and what it will take to beat them.

H/T Zero Hedge

[Note: This article was written by Ashley Edwardson]


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