Uh-oh: MORE Hannity rumors…

On Wednesday of last week, Sean Hannity posted a tweet, which perfectly captured the current hysteria over his future at Fox News.

But…it’s hard not to be concerned after other high profile stars have left the network. Hannity’s “scheduled” vacation sounds very similar to Bill O’Reilly’s scheduled vacation – and we know how THAT ended.

Should we be concerned?

Maybe. Now there are rumors Hannity has gone “underground” for the long weekend, posting his most recent tweet on Thursday.

According to IJ Review, Amid ongoing turmoil at Fox News, an internal battle appears to be brewing between top executives and one of the last remaining vestiges of the lineup that made the network a powerhouse in cable news — Sean Hannity.

Hannity has gone “underground” and is actively considering whether or not he will return to Fox News on Tuesday, a source close to Hannity told Independent Journal Review. It’s a stunning development at the network, which has seemingly remained in a constant state of turmoil since the ouster of the late Roger Ailes.

Speculation ran wild earlier this week when the network announced Hannity would be taking a mid-week vacation amid controversy over the host’s promotion of unverified reports suggesting a link between murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich and his alleged contact with WikiLeaks. Hannity is currently facing threats of advertiser boycotts from liberal groups like Media Matters. Multiple companies have since pulled ads from “Hannity.”

In response to the rumors, a Fox News spokesperson said Hannity would “be back on Tuesday” after his Memorial Day weekend vacation, and people who “suggest otherwise are going to look foolish.”

IJ Review goes on to say its “sources” maintain there’s a concerted effort by Rupert Murdoch’s son James, now CEO of 20th Century Fox (the parent company of Fox News) to remake the news channel and rid it of any ultra-conservative vestiges of its former self.

Here we go again with the “sources.” IJ Review also says a Fox News spokesperson stated, “Hannity has the unequivocal support of Fox News.”

Did anyone stop to think maybe Sean Hannity just wanted to some quiet time with his family, completely off the grid, for a weekend?

Hands up everyone else who’d like that too. Thought so.

[This article was written by Michele Hickford, author of the brutally honest and bitingly funny Do I Need To Slap You?]


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