Oops: Look what Hillary just let slip in PUBLIC

Admittedly I (Matt Palumbo) was a bit bummed out when graduating college last year to learn that my school didn’t invite a commencement speaker. Still, no commencement speaker is preferable to those who have to sit through politically-charged drivel at their graduation – more often of the liberal variety.

For every one conservative-leaning commencement speaker there are four liberals (and it’s only the conservative ones that student activists try to silence or protest).

President Donald Trump spoke at Liberty University, Vice President Pence at The University of Notre Dame, and they were hardly the only figures from the 2016 election who had a gig as a commencement speaker.

The 2017 graduating class of Wellesley College suffered through a commencement address from Hillary Clinton on Friday, and she was about as factually inaccurate as she claimed Donald Trump is when her address took its inevitable political turn.

As the Daily Wire reported, here are five outright lies she gave during her speech:

  1. Clinton said that leaders that lie are a threat to freedom, a classic pot-calling-the-kettle-black moment. “As the history majors among you here today know all too well, when people in power invent their own facts and attack those who question them it can mark the beginning of the end of a free society,” Clinton said.

This is coming from a woman who:

  • Called the women alleging her husband committed sexual assault “bimbo eruptions.”
  • Blamed the Benghazi attacks on a YouTube video.
  • Smeared a 12-year-old girl who accused an older man of raping her and laughed about it afterward.
    1. Clinton compared Trump to Richard Nixon and implied that he will be impeached. “We were furious about the past presidential election of a man whose presidency would eventually end in disgrace with his impeachment for obstruction of justice,” the defeated presidential candidate said – as members of the crowd at the liberal campus erupted into cheers. Then she brought up Nixon’s “firing the person running the investigation into him at the Department of Justice” – a line that brought laughs and more cheers.

    The implication, of course, is that Trump committed obstruction of justice with the firing of FBI director James Comey after Trump asked him to drop the investigation into his former national security adviser Mike Flynn; therefore his presidency will end like Nixon’s did after Nixon fired special prosecutor Archibald Cox.

    But as Mark Levin explained to Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Trump firing Comey is not analogous to Nixon firing Cox: “Richard Nixon during Watergate ordered the attorney general to fire the special prosecutor. He refused. Then he ordered the deputy attorney general to fire the special prosecutor, and he refused. Here, the deputy attorney general writes a memorandum urging the attorney general and the president to fire the FBI director. The attorney general attaches it to a letter, endorses it, and the president of the United States fires him. It has nothing to do with Watergate. But of course, the media and the Democrats — one and the same — want it to deal with Watergate. The president did not order in any respect an end to the Russian investigation!”

    Additionally, Trump’s actions do not constitute an obstruction of justice and Trump is not getting impeached any time soon.

    1. Clinton used the usual left-wing fear-mongering against Trump’s budget. “Look at the budget that was just proposed in Washington. It is an attack of unimaginable cruelty on the most vulnerable among us, the youngest, the oldest, the poorest, and hard working people who need a little help to gain or hang on to a decent middle class life. It grossly underfunds public education, mental health, and efforts even to combat the opioid epidemic.”

    The fact is that Trump’s proposed budget, as Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro pointed out, only reduces “the rate of increase” in spending, but even that is apparently unacceptable for leftists like Clinton. What is truly cruel is that the fear-mongering that leftists like Clinton use against any form of spending cuts outside of the military is resulting in a debt crisis that is going to burden future generations.

    1. Clinton used more fear-mongering against Trump.
      “Millions of people will be hurt by the policies, including this budget that is being considered, and many of those same people don’t want DREAMers deported or health care taken away. Many don’t want to retreat on civil rights, women’s rights and LGBT rights. So if your outreach is rebuffed, keep trying. Do the right thing anyway.”

    Let’s go through these point-by-point:

    • Trump has stated that he doesn’t want to deport DREAMers.
    • Trumpcare leaves most of Obamacare intact.
    • Clinton didn’t give examples of Trump threatening people’s rights because there aren’t any such examples.
    1. Clinton rambled about fake news, even though she has perpetuated fake news herself. “You are graduating at a time when there is a full-fledged assault on truth and reason. Just log on to social media for ten seconds. It will hit you right in the face. People denying science, concocting elaborate, hurtful conspiracies theories about child abuse rings operating out of pizza parlors. Drumming up rampant fear about undocumented immigrants, Muslims, minorities, the poor. Turning neighbor against neighbor and sowing division at a time when we desperately need unity. Some are even denying things we see with our own eyes. Like the size of crowds. And then defending themselves by talking about, quote-unquote, alternative facts.”

    But Clinton is the last person to be talking about fake news and conspiracy theories given that the birther movement started with her, she falsely claimed that she came under sniper fire in Bosnia and she invited mothers of blacks who were killed by cops even though a number of those shootings were justified.

    Clintonistas can get all misty-eyed over her pronouncements all they want, but it’s not going to change the fact that she lost the election.

    Don’t you think we’ve all had enough Hillary Clinton for one lifetime? Back to the woods for her.

    [Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. He is a co-author of the new book A Paradoxical Alliance: Islam and the Left, and can be found on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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