Muslim woman sends DISTURBING message during Manchester bombing interview

Everyone is still buzzing about the horrific terror attack in Manchester earlier this week, with lots of folks weighing in on what they think should be done to prevent such tragedies in the future.

A Muslim woman was recently featured on a television interview, spouting the usual “we need to stand together” spiel we’ve all become familiar with over the last few years. However, what she had on her burka earned her a whole lot of criticism.

The design on her garb spelled out with word “love” featuring a switchblade, pistol, machine gun, and a grenade. Nothing says “let’s stand together” like images of violence, right?

The Daily Mail is reporting, The woman, named only as ‘Sid’, was part of a group of Muslims interviewed by Channel 4 News journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy in the Rusholme area of Manchester, which is home to the largest Libyan community in Europe.

The group vehemently condemned the Manchester Arena attack by 22-year-old suicide bomber Salman Abedi, who is of Libyan descent.

But some viewers criticized Sid over her decision to wear a burka printed with a pistol, grenade, knife and machine gun spelling the word ‘love’.

One wrote: ‘Channel 4 news contributor in full hijab, top to toe with comedy glasses, images of knife & hand grenade emblazoned across the front! Ffs.’

Another Twitter user said: ‘Channel 4 actually broadcast this. Nothing says love like a hand grenade & flick-knife.’

Others branded Sid ‘disgusting’ and accused her of ‘taking the p***’.

The interview formed part of a programme broadcast on Wednesday evening.

In it, Sid said she was ‘devastated’ by the news and urged people to ‘stand together’.

She said: ‘I don’t need to prove anything. I’m a good Muslim, I know I’m a good Muslim, my friends, everyone I interact with, they know I’m a good Muslim.

‘I’m not here to prove anything, but I’m here to say that we need to stand together, stand united, and help fight this. As Manchester, we are standing together.

‘I was at the vigil yesterday, fantastic crowd. We were there together to support each other and that is what we are here for. We will tackle it together.’

Channel 4 later commented on the controversy, stating they were confident that the shirt was in protest of violence, not supporting it.

They went on to say that singer Jennifer Hudson wore a similar shirt that featured the word “LOVE” spelled out with guns back in 2013.

We can’t honestly know for sure whether or not Sid meant to make some political statement with her fashion choice, but we can say it was ill-timed and tasteless.

No amount of social unity will prevent religious lunatics from carrying out wicked plans to force the world to bow the knee to their ideology. It takes a strong military response along with exposing their ideas to be deadly and false.

Until we take those steps, we’ll continue to see events like Manchester play out on the world stage.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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