Montana “body slam” candidate deals Democrats ANOTHER blow…

A handful of states have voter bases which make it highly unlikely if not impossible for the opposition party to ever ‘steal’ a legislative seat. Think California and New York on the Democrat side, South Carolina and Montana on the Republican.  However, splashy news reports that a Republican candidate for one of Montana’s U.S. House seats had “body slammed” a reporter had Dems licking their chops over the prospect of stealing a seat in one of America’s most solidly red states.

Ah, not so much.

Despite Democrats using the “body slam” audio in last-minute attack ads Greg Gianforte cruised to an easy victory in Montana’s special election last night. It seems that if anything Montana voters rewarded Gianforte for roughing up the obnoxious reporter, perhaps even gaining some sense of satisfaction over knowledge that a candidate for office did what they themselves would love to do but never get the chance.

As of 6:00am this morning (Montana time) with 522 of 681 precincts (77 percent) reported Gianforte had garnered 163, 539 votes, 51 percent of the vote; challenger Rob Quist 140,594 votes, or 44 percent. So this one’s over.

Speaking from the G7 meeting in Sicily this morning President Trump called the victory a “great win in Montana”.

There is (another) lesson for Democrats here – but it’s unlikely they’ll learn it. The party of resistance, of “get woke,” of division, and of masked antifa thugs sincerely believed they were going to steal a red seat and a red state. But it’s November all over again for them and they’re again crushed.

It’s yet another example of just how much “flyover country” isn’t picking up what Dems putting down. So deep is the disdain in middle America for liberals — clearly including Montanans — that we’d rather elect a guy who was forced to issue an apology for smacking around a reporter than cast a vote for a Democrat.

The Democrats are so stuck in their delusion that everyone hates Trump as much as they do, so locked into an unwavering commitment to impeach this president, despite him not having committed any impeachable offenses, they’ve failed to present voters an agenda.

All they’ve offered for four months is hatred, impeach, resist, “no,” “unfit for office,” Russia, and impeach some more without realizing or caring that WE ELECTED this president.

Offering voters nothing other than hatred for their president isn’t an agenda, it’s doom. As we saw in Montana last night. And the more anti-Trump hysteria they continue to offer the more Republicans are going to keep winning.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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