To the spineless left, I say: Grow a set…and here’s why

It’s always great to see what the chuckleheads on the progressive socialist left are saying. I dare not say “thinking” because of their intellectual dishonesty, and inability to lucidly and competently articulate a thought.

And, so, today I found some very nutty drivel emanating from those dubious and uninsightful folks over at Think Progress. They have no issue with European leaders snickering at our President. Yep, those highly intellectual folks who somehow keep allowing their citizens to get blown up and killed were finding humor with the address of President Trump. Funny thing, those 50 Muslim leaders? None of them were laughing.

I now know why it’s so very easy to stump a liberal progressive in a debate: they read stupid stuff like this article, as drawn in crayon over at Think Progress, under the title, “After leaking intelligence to Russia, Trump insults allies in a speech to NATO:”

President Donald Trump capped off his administration’s first trip abroad by scolding other members of NATO for failing to “meet their financial obligations” in a speech delivered at the alliance’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

While the visibly nonplussed leaders of Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, and other member NATO states looked on, Trump spoke at length about the “chronic underpayments” they allegedly had made to mutual defense.

“If NATO countries made their full and complete contributions, then NATO would be even stronger than it is today, especially from the threat of terrorism,” he said.

“And I never asked once what the new NATO headquarters cost,” he added. “I refuse to do that.”

The refusal of other NATO states to pay their “fair share” is an old hobbyhorse of Trump’s, but it’s a myth. As former U.S. ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder told the Washington Post in March, “The President keeps saying that we need to be paid by the Europeans for the fact that we have troops in Europe or provide defense there. But that’s not how it works.” Member states have until 2024 to ramp up spending so they meet a contribution target equal to 2 percent of their GDP.

Trump’s lecture was particularly striking because his administration has spent the past few weeks weakening the U.S. alliance with other NATO states through non-financial means. For instance, the president himself leaked classified intelligence about ISIS to the Russian government, NATO’s primary antagonist; then, on the same day that he tried to shake down allies for bigger contributions to mutual defense, Trump got publicly reprimanded by U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May over his administration’s leaks of sensitive intelligence regarding Monday’s attack in Manchester.

The writer of this piece is some fella named Ned Resnikoff. I just have to wonder if ol’ Ned was upset about Barack Obama whispering to Dmitry Medvedev to tell Vladimir Putin that he would have “more flexibility” after his reelection? I mean seriously Ned, don’t ya think that’s questionable when it comes to collusion with Russia? After all, subsequently Russian-supported forces overran the Crimea and eastern Ukraine…but Obama sent the Ukrainian military socks and blankets.

Hey, Ned, remember when Obama chided Mitt Romney for saying that Russia was our primary geopolitical threat? Yeah, Obama said that to Romney during that presidential debate when “the 80s called for its foreign policy back.”
Remember that, Ned? So, where was your righteous indignation there?

And, Ned, don’t make me show you the front page headline that mentioned the Obama administration sharing intelligence on ISIS with Russia.

Or, my dear new buddy Ned, remember Barack Obama and John Kerry telling us that good ol’ Vladimir had taken care of that chemical weapons problem in Syria? Oops, it appears that they still had them, but did you address that at “Think Regress?” Nah, I don’t recall you doing so…and that’s because you and your ilk are intellectually dishonest, and disrespectful deceivers.

Now Ned, you and your fellow leftist progressive socialists are out there ranting about the recently released Trump administration budget. Many of you are going way overboard with the hyperbolic insanity of this budget killing people, taking food out of their mouths, and such. If you’d done your intellectual due diligence, you would realize — and report — that a budget is a 10 year economic vision statement. You’d then present the fact that the Trump budget represents a cut to the rate of increase on spending over the period. And, guess what, it actually gives the United States a balanced budget in ten years! Did Obama EVER present a balanced budget, Ned?

But, what’s so very hypocritical is that you — and the former US Ambassador to NATO, who’s just another disingenuous Obama mouthpiece — criticize President Trump for requesting NATO members pay their fair share now by stating that they have until 2024 to do so. Now, c’mon Ned, you don’t see the obvious irony there? You’re criticizing President Trump’s budget in the present time, yet you provide an excuse for NATO based upon their “future” payment of 2% of their GDP. Why not give credence to the Trump administration budget estimations if you are going to do so for NATO paying the collective security? I know why, Ned: because the liberal progressive agenda is more important than truth, and certainly honesty. We have an issue now with security, not seven years from now, and the NATO member Nations need to step up.

See, Ned, there are those of us who have ventured beyond our “safe space” cubicle, and have seen how NATO operates in a combat zone. I sincerely wish you could have been there with me for two and a half years in Kandahar, Afghanistan. I saw how NATO operated. Each country had their own definitive “caveats” that dictated how they could be employed. See, Canada had Kandahar province, Romania had Zabul province, the Netherlands had Uruzgan, and the UK had Helmand province…and there was little to no coordination between those entities. In the end, we saw the — pardon the pun — “progress” we had achieved lost in this stove-piped and confused state of combat operations, which violated every single principle of warfare.

Ned, we have been the defense shield for NATO for many a year, allowing them to do as you wish: waste resources on social welfare programs. From 1984-1987, I served in a NATO element, the Allied Mobile Force (Land) – AMF(L) — a collection of member Nation airborne forces. This is a model we can employ today, along with our eastern European allies, to form a solid phalanx against any Russian incursion.

However, Ned, let’s have an honest discussion here: Russia has made more advances in the past eight years under the feckless, weak, and acquiescing policy of the most left-leaning progressive socialist president America has had…and that says a lot in comparison to Woodrow Wilson and Lyndon Johnson. Sadly, you and your colleagues don’t have the moral courage to admit to such, which I find so very despicable.

And, let’s realize something: UK Prime Minister Theresa May was the UK Home Secretary who allowed the infestation and infiltration of Islamic terrorists and jihadists into their Nation. The real issue — and where she should really display her angst — shouldn’t be against the Trump administration, but rather your flagship print media outlet for leftist propaganda, the New York Times, for publishing the classified bomb components in yet another attempt to embarrass and undermine President Trump.

Shame on you, Ned, and the collection of jackasses at Think Progress for supporting folks laughing at our President. It just goes to show where your sympathies reside.

To those European leaders laughing at President Trump, how many times did America rescue you rascals in the 20th century? Thanks to spineless guppies such as Angela Merkel, it looks like we’re about to do so again. The problem is that Europe has not evidenced the existence of a strong, principled, resolute leader such as a Sir Winston Churchill.

Just gotta tell ya, when I look at those NATO officials, I laugh, as not a damn one of them is packing a set of cojones.

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