Former Navy SEAL has BRUTAL response for Katy Perry over Manchester bombing

In the wake of the deadly Manchester terrorist attack, many wondered what could be done to prevent these tragic events from occurring. While some speculated that President Trump’s travel ban could see some increased support, others had some…interesting ideas.

Take pop sensation Katy Perry, for instance. Perry’s idea to combat terrorism was nothing short of delusional. Instead of fight off our violent adversary, Perry believes the solution is to have open minds and open borders. Yeah…that’ll fix the problem, for sure.

Of course, Perry received a less than warm response for her ridiculous idea. However, perhaps nobody hit the celebrity harder than former Navy SEAL, Carl Higbie.

From the Washington Examiner:

A former Navy SEAL had a blunt message for singer Katy Perry over her calls for “no barriers, no borders” in the aftermath of the Manchester terror attack: Go to hell.

“You have people like Katy Perry, for instance. This woman has said we need to hug it out. Go to hell, Katy Perry,” Higbie told Fox News on Thursday. “Hold one of your concerts in Syria. These people don’t understand what’s going on here.”


Higbie hits the nail on the head. Liberals — especially the elitist celebrities — don’t understand the threat we face from terrorism. Instead, they resort to canned talking points, and virtue signaling. Loving humanity may sound all well and good, but it’s apt to get you killed when part of humanity doesn’t love you back.

Perry’s remarks are even more ridiculous when you consider her “solution” is actually the problem. The terrorist that carried out the gruesome Manchester attack was a product of open minds and open borders. As the child of Libyan refugees, Salman Abedi was allowed to travel from the UK to Syria and back into the UK again. This is despite the fact that authorities knew he had ties to ISIS.

Whatever the solution is to terrorism, we can rest assured it doesn’t reside in the brain of Katy Perry.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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