My reflections on Manchester…

It’s been a full day for me to take in the tragedy of yet another Islamic terrorist attack, this time Manchester, England. I hate to say it but it has almost become one of those things that we can sense. And yet, there are those who immediately hit the airwaves and warned us to not “rush to judgment.”

Early on we had some people touting the line that there was nothing for concern, it was just a balloon that was burst in front of a microphone. The sad reality is that a balloon bursting inside an arena does not result in deaths…outside the arena. The next phase of absurdity is for those who tell us to remain calm, not to blame folks, and do not offend.

Sorry, but I must say what must be said: when will the day come that the global Muslim community begs us for mercy and humbly apologizes for what continues to happen — which emanates from within their community? A community that is establishing itself within our sovereign borders and demanding separation, not assimilation…that come to be known as “no go zones,” excluding non-Muslims.

I find it perplexing that a nutcase in South Carolina can commit a heinous crime and the progressive socialist left in America blames generals who fought in the Civil War, and a flag. That there’s always a rush to judgment to condemn “white supremacy” and racism, but these same cowards never speak of radical Islamic terrorism, jihadism, or Islamism.

We tie ourselves up in twister-like semantic gyrations over what to call the enemy when the enemy tells us who they are. And these barbaric savages can sit back and plan an attack to kill our children attending a concert, or going to school as in Beslan, Russia, and we spend more time chasing mythical beings of Russian collusion.

Can it be that the liberal progressive left has such a degraded moral capacity that they consider our own president more of an enemy than those who kill us?

Heck, I remember the episode when I spoke at St. Louis University earlier this year on the subject of radical Islamic terrorism. The nerve of an administration official there to utter the words that I was not “qualified” to speak on said topic. Or the delusional rantings of the president of St. Louis University to refer to me as a “provocateur.” I must ask, have either of these two chuckleheads released a statement on this most recent militant Islamic terrorist attack? Of course not, neither will those darling little cupcakes who walked out before my presentation that evening possess the intestinal fortitude to face the enemy. They actually believe giving me demeaning, disparaging and degrading monikers makes them brave, quite the contrary.

Will Ashley Judd and Madonna have a women’s march to show solidarity with the mothers who lost their loved ones…yet again? Nah, I suppose not, especially since the organizer of that little charade the day after the inauguration is an avowed supported of Sharia law, Linda Sarsour, a deceptive female Islamic jihadist. I suppose asking the self declared “nasty woman” Ashley Judd to speak up about the increase of rapes and sexual assaults in Europe since the influx of mass numbers of single military-aged Muslim male “refugees” or even honor killings is just a bridge too far.

September 11, 2001 — remember what happened that day? I sure do. It was the day that the Islamic terrorists decided to bring it to our doorstep. What began back in October of 1983 with the Beirut barracks bombing killing 234 Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers metastasized into a 21st century Pearl Harbor.

This Islamic jihadist enemy had been killing us at places like Khobar Towers, attacking our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, they bombed our USS Cole, and dragged the dead bodies of our Soldiers through the streets of Mogadishu. All the time over these sixteen years we have endured endless rhetoric, and even inflicted horrible self attacks, such as blaming ourselves for these vicious terrorist attacks, like someone suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

What we must realize is that after sixteen years of the so-called “War on Terror,” we haven’t accomplished anything. And sadly, we deploy our truly brave men and women into these combat zones, and place upon them the most restrictive rules of engagement, crippling them from killing this enemy. As a matter of fact, we have imprisoned some of our own for killing the enemy, while celebrating the traitors and cowards who fled before the same enemy.

Sixteen years, and there is still a Taliban, al Qaeda, and others have been born, such as the Islamic State, al Shabab and Boko Haram. And the original members of this cast of barbarians still exist — Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sixteen years, and the global Islamic jihad grows and has now extended its tentacles into our own countries…stupidly by our own welcome. The enemy writes out their battle plan such as the Muslim Brotherhood’s Explanatory Memorandum penned in 1991 and uncovered in 2004, and yet we obfuscate, dismiss, and deny their call for a “civilizational jihad.”

And through all these years, with this clear evidence, we have yet to have a president with the moral courage to issue an Executive Order condemning this group, the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization!

Yesterday as moms and dads in England cried knowing their little daughters would never breathe again, President Trump sat with Mahmoud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen, the leader of a suit-wearing Islamic terrorist organization called Fatah. This is the same Abu Mazen whose Palestinian TV runs shows that teach their children to hate and kill Jews and others. We cry and bury ours while they train the next generation.

And no, I’m not casting a wide net but this is the truth. We cannot develop a focused national security strategy when we have a three-star Army general as National Security Adviser who doesn’t like the term “radical Islamic terrorism.” When did we create generals who want to use nuanced language to describe the enemy…while the enemy uses every communications means necessary to foment hate, vitriol, and violence?

Consider this, the UK has some 3,000 names on their Islamic terror watch list, and many are homegrown, along with some 400-500 that have traveled out of England to the Middle East to fight and train with ISIS, and return. Yet, England bans a talk radio personality named Michael Savage because he offends people and is accused of “hate speech?” Four years ago a proud British Soldier, Lee Rigby, was hacked to death by two Islamic jihadists, who even with Rigby’s blood literally on their hands, took the time to speak on video.

Sixteen years of this bovine excrement, and think about how we vanquished Nazism, fascism, and Japanese imperialism in four years once committed. Do we not possess the same level of commitment towards this ideological enemy…or can it be that there are those in western civilization who don’t see militant Islamic jihadism as the enemy?

President Trump has stated that he will refer to Islamic terrorists as losers. Mr. President, I must wholeheartedly disagree with you. Refer to these individuals as they are: radical Islamic terrorists, Islamic jihadists, Islamo-fascists, but do not cower to those whispering in your ear. And Mr. President, from all objective criteria, it would appear that after sixteen years, they are not the losers…we are.

We are the losers because we have allowed lily-livered, slack jawed, cowardly jackasses to make us fearful of confronting this enemy. We are the losers because after sixteen years we find it difficult to demonize this savage ideology and allow it to thrive in our nations. I fully support freedom of religion, but sedition is when there is a belief system that seeks to undermine our very existence. This has to end, if we are to begin winning.

Mr. President, immediately, sign an Executive Order to castigate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Rid our nation of every single group listed in the Muslim Brotherhood’s Explanatory Memorandum, and yes, kick the Council for American Islamic Relations off Capitol Hill. Rebuild our military capability and capacity, end the restrictive rules of engagement…and if the liberal progressive leftists complain, send them to the front lines. Stop the inane objective of nation building and seek out the enemy and destroy them in detail in their sanctuaries. Make it incredibly clear that we, the United States of America, will not tolerate the intolerant, and that the world can join us, or join them.

Mr. President, no more cowering and acquiescing to Islamic terrorism, they must come to understand that we will find them, and we will kill them. And if they run, they will only die tired. This is war, not a game, and it requires men and women of determination and resolve…not cute perfumed princes who prefer nuanced language.

So ends my reflection on yet another Islamic terror attack. How many more of these will I have to write?

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