Muslim “feminist” has MELTDOWN because white male asks this ONE question

The sharia-living “Women’s March” organizer Linda Sarsour was confronted about a surprisingly anti-woman tweet she posted, and was quick to dismiss the charge on the basis that the man challenging her was “white” and simultaneously “male.”

In 2011, she tweeted the following about ACT For America founder Brigitte Gabriel and AHA Foundation founder Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

She’s since deleted the tweet.

This month at Dartmouth College, a student confronted her about the tweet, asking her during the Q & A “So this question is really important because I believe that women’s rights are also human rights. So I really want to know: under what circumstances it’s acceptable to say that ‘I wish I could take their vaginas away. They don’t deserve to be women.’ Just to give that context, that’s one of the tweets off your Twitter.”

After a long awkward pause, Sarsour responded, first by noting the gender and skin color of the man questioning her. “So, let’s give some context here, because, y’know, we have — Uh, this is an event organized by an Asian American, right? Let’s just get — let’s get some context to what is going on here. Celebrating a community, right? Talking about communities of color who are being directly impacted by this moment and I have a young white man in the back who is not directly impacted by any of the issues I mentioned.”

The audience then clapped for some unknown reason.

“A copy and paste that he got from a right-wing blog. He doesn’t even know if it actually came from my Twitter account because he has a screenshot of it. He never actually went to my Twitter to see if it’s actually there. Right? That never happened.”

Despite denying that she ever posted the tweet (she did – here’s the archive), in her next statement she mentioned the date it was sent (2011), which the man asking the question never stated. ““But let me just say this to you: You’re college students, I was in my twenties, when was that, 2011?”

She then proceeded to completely ignore the question and praise herself with a barrage of buzzwords: “People say stupid shit sometimes, right? I will be judged by my impeccable track record for black lives and immigrants rights and women’s rights and LGBT rights, you judge me by that record and not by some tweet that you think I did or did not tweet ten years ago or seven years ago or whenever it was. So that’s my answer to your question. Next.”

Watch the exchange below:

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. He is a co-author of the new book A Paradoxical Alliance: Islam and the Left, and can be found on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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