Singer Katy Perry’s comment on Manchester attack has JAWS DROPPING…

Thank God we’re not getting our anti-terrorism advice from the world’s celebrities – or we’d all be dead for sure.

As soon as there’s an Islamic terrorist attack there are excuses made for terrorism – but they were especially stupid in the aftermath of the Manchester bombing at an Ariana Grande concert. Just take a look at a sampling (some with amusing responses included).

Here’s one from feminist and Democrat congressional candidate Brianna Wu, who saw the terrorist attack as yet another example of the patriarchy reigning victorious:

Our friendly neighborhood Sharia-supporter thought that “love” could be the route to defeating ISIS:

The Washington Post meanwhile pointed out that terrorist acts are intentional.

Singer Lily Allen also tried to blame the attack on misogyny (in tweets which have since been deleted):

The comments from singer Lily Allen were so ridiculous that Piers Morgan had a rare opportunity to be the voice of reason:

Getting the most attention for her response however is pop-singer Katy Perry. On Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, she stated “Whatever we say behind people’s backs, the Internet can be a little bit ruthless as far as fan bases go but I think that the greatest thing we can do is just unite and love on each other,” Perry said, adding, “No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist.”

As many have already noted, it’s a bit are ironic given how her mansion is protected.

And of course, the idea that we can defeat terrorists with love was widely mocked. Among our favorites headlines was the one below from the satirical publication “The Babylon Bee.”

Some are arguing however that in her case, the comment is being misinterpreted as political, when in reality it’s just a generic comment on unity.

We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt – but regardless of what Perry meant, there are millions of naive liberals who actually seem to believe that “love” is what’s going to defeat ISIS.

Bombs will probably help too.

[Note: This post was written by Matt Palumbo. He is a co-author of the new book A Paradoxical Alliance: Islam and the Left, and can be found on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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