BOMBSHELL Report: Trump’s White House leak IDENTIFIED

Last week, the Trump administration was forced to deal with multiple controversies. Every day, it seemed, mainstream media outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post were breaking new stories. Every time, the stories were accusations about President Trump’s conduct from unnamed sources. Unsurprisingly, the media was all too happy to speculate on the various ways Trump could be impeached because of these stories.

Lost in all of the hysteria was an ever bigger story: someone close to the White House was leaking classified information to the press. Although the liberal media brushes this concern aside, the presence of a leak in the White House is a dangerous situation.

In the case of the Washington Post story that Trump revealed classified information in a meeting with the Russians, someone close to the administration leaked the information. Although the story turned out to be false, great damage was done. Carelessly making such a claim can damage our reputation with our allies, putting national security at risk.

Of course, liberal news sources are so consumed by a desire to damage the president, they don’t care about putting national security in danger. But behind the scenes, authorities are working hard to identify the source of the leaks. And, according to a new bombshell report, officials have identified three individuals involved.

From Breitbart:

Trey Yingst, chief White House correspondent for the One America News Network, is reporting Monday that three sources of the leaks liberally flowing from President Donald Trump’s White House have been found.

According to Yingst, President Trump plans to take action against the staffers named when he returns from his overseas trip:

According to Yingst, three staffers have been identified and referred to the Office of Government Ethics for their role in leaking information from within the White House. Leaks to the mainstream press have constantly plagued the Trump administration in its early days, with opportunely time leaks undermining key administration efforts.

Yingst claims his source informed him President Trump will fire “multiple people” on his return to Washington from his landmark foreign tour through the Middle East. It was implied criminal prosecution may also be on the table for those responsible.

Busy on their foreign trip, administration officials have not commented on the story. Additionally, only Yingst is reporting that the source of the leaks have been identified. We likely won’t find out more until President Trump returns to the United States.

If true, the firing of these staff members would be a huge step in a positive direction. The President of the United States cannot effectively lead the country if people within his inner circle are actively working to sabotage him. It is critical these leaks be found and removed from positions of government.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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