Minutes after Manchester blast, NEW threat emerges

Those folks that we cannot name just struck again it appears at a concert in Manchester, England.

We now know there are nineteen dead, fifty wounded at this time. Even al Jazeera is calling this a terror attack.

But this might not even be the end.

This ominous tweet was posted from a now suspended Twitter account.

It appears the militant Islamic jihadists again say “no” to the “Coexist” bumper sticker crowd.

The next time I speak on a university campus about radical Islamic terrorism the Muslim Brotherhood associated Muslim Student Association will join with liberal progressive leftists and stage a walk out. The Council for American Islamic Relations will release some insidious vanilla statement, condemn anyone saying Islamic terrorism as offending them and being an Islamophobe.

The Saudis who built one of the largest mosques in the world in England will wink, wink and still dispatch vile, vitriolic, and violent proselytizers of Islamism from the Wahhabi school of Islamic dogma.

We will not have any great coverage of this on liberal progressive media sites…the conviction of President Trump is far more important.

The bottom line however is this is evil, and it exists amongst us all. The Muslim world has some house cleaning to do for rampant pest control. It is infecting the neighborhood.

If they refuse to take action, sadly a professional exterminating firm will be called in for this scourge, this pestilence known as radical Islamic terrorism.

God bless those young innocent souls who were just out for a nice concert.

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