Look what happens IMMEDIATELY after big game hunter is crushed to death by an elephant

It’s no secret social media often draws out the worst of the worst when it comes to deplorable folk and their insatiable need to be despicable to their fellow travelers along the journey of life.

Just ask every big game hunter in the world who ever posted a picture of their kill online about the sort of junk comments and death threats they received from folks on the left, and you’ll see for yourself.

One such hunter was recently crushed to death by an elephant shot and killed during a hunting expedition, and once the story broke, those lovable animal rights folk wasted no time rejoicing in his demise.

TheBlaze reports, An elephant crushed to death a well-known South African trophy hunter when it fell on him after a member of the man’s party shot the animal during a hunt in Zimbabwe.

Theunis Botha, 51, and the party he was leading stumbled upon a herd of breeding elephants, some of them pregnant, at the Good Luck Farm near Hwange National Park on Friday, the Independent reported.

Citing Netwerk24, an Afrikanns-language news site, News24 in South Africa reported that Botha shot at three female elephants that stampeded the hunters. A fourth female elephant then charged the group from the side and lifted Botha with her trunk, News24 said. After a member of Botha’s party fatally shot the fourth elephant, the animal fell on top of Botha and killed him, News24 said.

Botha is survived by his wife and five children, who received some sympathy on social media:

However, the majority of responses to the tragic incident demonstrate the lack of common decency on the left:


Botha reportedly traveled regularly to the U.S. in search of wealthy customers to take part in trophy hunting, the Independent reported. His Big Game Hounds Safaris company said Botha “perfected Leopard and Lion hunting safaris with hounds in Africa. He pioneered traditional European Style Driven Monteria hunts in South Africa.” A Monteira hunt involves dogs driving animals toward the hunters.

You can disagree with Botha’s hunting without celebrating his death and hoping for the death of the man’s children. Then again, perhaps creating an articulate rebuttal to a lifestyle one disagrees with that doesn’t involve childish tantrum-throwing is simply beyond the scope of intelligence for these individuals.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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