New name emerges on Trump’s short list to replace Comey; it’s…

With the firing of FBI Director James Comey still a bit fresh, folks have been wondering who Trump would pick to be his replacement.

The president recently stated that he’s fairly close to making a decision and even mentioned some of the individuals who are at the top of his list.

There’s one name in particular that you might be surprised to see.

According to Reuters:

President Donald Trump said on Thursday he was close to selecting a new FBI director and that former senator and Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman was among the top candidates.

Speaking to reporters at the beginning of a meeting with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia, Trump said: “We’re very close” to picking an FBI director. Asked if Lieberman was one of his top candidates, Trump said: “He is.”

Be honest. Did anyone really see this coming?

For those who remember, Lieberman was the vice presidential nominee for the Democratic Party back in 2000 running with Al Gore, before turning Independent in 2006.

Lieberman hasn’t been a topic of conversation in quite some time, so it’s an unconventional pick for Trump. But, then, Trump is an unconventional president!

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]


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