McCain ATTACKS Trump with one OMINOUS word…

Considering the current cast of characters working against him, it’s frankly a miracle that Donald Trump is able to accomplish anything.  To the north there’s the media constantly spinning out fake news against him.  To the west there’s the Democrats screaming “IMPEACH!” at every turn.  To the east there’s the Republicans many of whom range from unsupportive to outwardly hostile. But fortunately for Trump, to the south, there’s the American people.

What these so-called elites can’t seem to figure out is that tens and tens and tens of millions of Americans elected this president, support his agenda and want to see him succeed in executing it.  But so obsessed are they with getting what they want (actually in this case, getting rid of what they don’t want) that they’ve all but jettisoned even paying attention to the will of the people.  And now that the supposed ‘Russia connection’ is inching closer to what they hope is reality, members of this triad of doom cannot help but pile on.

The latest to hop on the heap? Arizona Senator John McCain.

McCain has taken a quantum leap forward and pulled out the “Watergate” card.  Yes, he went there.

According to Business Insider “Republican Sen. John McCain invoked the biggest scandal in modern political U.S. history on Tuesday when finding a comparison for recent reports about President Donald Trump.

“We’ve seen this movie before. It’s reaching Watergate size and scale,” McCain said at a dinner for the International Republican Institute. “This is not good for the country.”

Trump unexpectedly fired Comey last week, in a move Trump acknowledged making at least in part because of Comey’s handling of the FBI investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to meddle in the 2016 election.

Several Democratic lawmakers called the dismissal “Nixonian” and compared it to the Saturday Night Massacre of 1973, when Nixon ordered the firing of the special prosecutor investigating the Watergate break-in and cover-up. Nixon’s approval rating never recovered, and he resigned in disgrace the following year.

McCain has been consistently critical of Trump since Comey’s firing, and he is one of just a handful of congressional Republicans who have called for the Russia investigation to be handled independently.”

This would all be funny if it weren’t so serious. From Democrats revealing just how hypocritical they are on a daily basis — anyone remember how just a few short years ago, “the ’80’s were calling, wanting their foreign policy back”, “the Cold War has been over for 30 years” and Russia is a paper tiger?  Now all of a sudden they’re stealing democracy and we need an impeachment over communications with Russia?

And now 80-year old McCain, a fellow Republican who has been in the U.S. Senate longer than many reading people this have been alive (since 1987) is talking “Watergate.” As the saying goes: with friends like these who needs enemies?

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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