UNREAL: You won’t believe why Trump is being called a “bully” by top liberal

It’s been clear for quite some time that there’s nothing President Trump can do that liberals won’t lash out against.

Sure, dismantling the Obama legacy is an understandable reason for liberals to be upset, even if we disagree with them. However, even the most minuscule of issues are blown way out of proportion by Democrats and their media enablers.

Case in point: Trump’s insistence on “putting America first.” One might think that as President of the United States, Trump should — ya know — put America first. That’s quite literally his job. But, leave it liberals to take issue with that, too. In fact, former Obama administration official, Susan Rice, thinks putting America first is…horrible!

From the Daily Wire:

“Since I left the White House, I’ve become deeply concerned that the United States is squandering one of our greatest strategic assets — America’s leadership of the world. I’m here to argue for a better strategy — a progressive strategy — that will renew our global leadership. 

“It seems that the current administration looks at the world and sees only threats. Immigrants. Refugees. Muslims. Mexicans. Even Trade. It’s: “America First” — and the rest of the world last,” she said, according to a prepared text released before her speech.

Well, the administration sees threats throughout the world…because the world is full of threats. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Syria, Iran, and North Korea are just some of the threats faced by the United States. The world is a dangerous place, and the U.S. has to confront that reality every day.

What seems lost on Rice is that everything the U.S. does is done to benefit its citizens. After all, what’s the point of having a trade deal or allowing immigrants unless we get some benefit from the policy? We are a nation, not a charitable organization.

None of that matters to Rice though, who continued to hammer Trump’s America first attitude:

She then called Trump a bully. “Conflict is not inevitable, and bluster is for bullies,” she said. “So instead of simply vowing to bomb the bleep out of ISIL, we must use our full arsenal, including cutting off its finances, discrediting extremism online, and helping stabilize fragile states.”

That opinion is pretty rich coming from the administration that used American bombs to destabilize multiple Middle Eastern countries, leading to the rise of the problems Trump inherited. Excuse us if we’re not sure Rice offers the best solutions to the problems she helped create. Of course, she might claim that a YouTube video caused the problem.

Clearly, Rice is out of touch with Americans on these issues. The American people realize the growing threats to our nation, and elected a president willing to take those threats on. After years of not putting America first, it’s about time we did. Don’t expect Rice to understand that anytime soon.

[Note: This post was written by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]


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