Sickening: Liberal bar owner offers FREE whiskey for life if you do this to Trump staffer…

Leftists are known for pulling outrageous stunts, calling for acts of violence as a means of “protesting” some imagined form of oppression they think exists in their world, and a bar in Oregon is no exception.

The Paydirt Bar recently made an offer to potential customers: anyone who socked President Trump’s controversial aide Steve Bannon would get free whiskey for life.

However, it appears they are regretting this move in a big way after the response it’s getting online.

According to TheBlaze:

An Oregon bar by the name of Paydirt is paying bigly, one might say, over a note it placed at the bottom of its receipts: “Punch Steve Bannon, get free whiskey for life.”

The establishment in Portland, Oregon, had been extending the offer for about five months to sock the controversial aide to Republican President Donald Trump, the Willamette Week reported — until word started spreading online, that is.

Paydirt then began receiving death threats, the paper reported, which led owner Ezra Caraeff to alter the offer at the bottom of the receipts to “Punch (redacted), get free whiskey for life,” the Week said. He also locked down his Twitter account, the paper noted, adding that Paydirt’s Facebook page is also disabled.

“I have an inbox full of threatening email, so I decided to edit it until the Pepes chilled out,” Caraeff told the paper. “I just set our Twitter account to private because I couldn’t keep up with all the people saying they are going to burn me alive at the bar. Good times.”

The Week reported that bartenders were bombarded with phone calls Sunday night, which were left unanswered until one decided to pick up.

Here are some other reactions to Paydirt’s offer once word got around:

This isn’t the first time Paydirt has decided to politicize their business and attempt to jump on the social activism bandwagon that’s so popular these days.

During the night of the election, the bar hosted a party featuring announcements with a picture of Trump with his faced crossed out, along with the following message: “We’ll have a free champagne toast to our future Madame President. And if that doesn’t happen? We’ll feed you whiskey and you can use our wifi to find yourself a new home. New Zealand sounds nice.”

They also held an inauguration event, donating all of the proceeds to baby murder mill Planned Parenthood. Lovely folks, no?

It goes without saying that making death threats against another human being over their political leanings is as loony as it gets and rational people would discourage such, so those calling this establishment or emailing them put themselves on the same level.

On the other hand, should the folks running this bar be all that surprised to catch flak of this magnitude after being obnoxious and politicizing their business?

Politics is divisive these days, and it’s a huge risk to lace your business with this particular poison as it’s guaranteed to alienate a huge segment of your customer base — you know, the people who help you pay the bills.

Perhaps the owners of Paydirt will find better ways to express themselves besides calling for violence? After all, it’s goofy to call for someone to get beat up, then get mad when other people threaten to do the same to you.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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