IT’S OVER: WashPo makes SHOCK admission

Racism. Racism. Racism. It’s all #Racism, #Bigotry, #Hate!

Since Barack Obama’s election in 2008, three things have consistently been on display in America — the left’s obsession with racism and hate; the total and complete hotbeds of intolerance that our colleges and universities have become; the degree to which the media has completely sold out to liberal ideology.

Thanks to the Washington Post, a stalwart of the ‘mainstream media’, the three have met and created the ultimate free-speech stifling intersection. The WashPo has published an editorial urging all American colleges and universities to censor “racist and offensive” speech.

An institution that earns it reputation (…cough, cough…) and pays its bills because of the rights of free speech this country provides is now instructing other institutions to limit it.

The Post offered its piece in response to the thoroughly disgusting and overtly racist “banana hanging” incident at American University earlier this month. Some knuckle-dragger or knuckle-draggers strung up bananas around the campus with racist comments scribbled on them with a Sharpie. The incident is under investigation by the FBI as a hate crime and the perpetrators will no doubt be discovered and brought to justice.

But in response to the incident Washington Post offered an editorial suggesting all colleges should censor any speech that might be deemed racist.

How to stop racism from winning on college campuses

Two-bit provocations such as hanging nooses on campuses play on emotions made raw in the wake of a presidential campaign that featured the vilification of minorities and barely veiled race-baiting. For university administrators, the challenge is to address that legitimate pain with sensitivity and make crystal clear that racist signs, symbols and speech are off-limits.”

Its that “…make crystal clear that racist signs, symbols and speech is off limits” part that ought to have all Americans concerned.  This isn’t veiled. Its a major, known and respected (in some circles) U.S. news institution clearly suggesting that U.S. colleges should begin the practice of censoring speech if someone thinks the speech or behavior is racist.

Of course it’s that “someone” word that’s the problem. Who gets to make these determinations? Can each college or university set its own standards? Should there be a federal review board that makes such decisions and disseminates its decisions via memos or other official communicates? And if it does, how does it go about enforcing those decisions?  Can anyone else see where this may lead?  (Think 1940’s Germany.)

But the Post didn’t stop there.  In true liberal fashion the column managed to do what we all could see coming – find a way to blame Donald Trump.

“Two-bit provocations such as hanging nooses on campuses play on emotions made raw in the wake of a presidential campaign that featured the vilification of minorities and barely veiled race-baiting.”

Its worth noting that comments and attacks such as these consistently feature the rhetoric but never specifics or examples. Donald Trump’s campaign “featured the vilification of minorities”?  Really? When? Where? How?  The WashPo editorial board is guilty of the same thing millions of liberals are, the “If I believe it it must be true” syndrome.

To call this slope slippery is the ultimate in understatement. As we’ve seen with Milo, Ann Coulter, Charles Murray, Betsy Devos and countless other speakers —ALL of them conservatives, zero exceptions– if we leave it to colleges to determine who or what constitutes ‘racist speech,’ our university system will venture even deeper into the “Only One Form of Thought Allowed” sea.

Even more amazing is the fact that journalists at one of Americas bastions of free speech are the ones calling for it. Kind of like “the birthplace of free speech” (UC-Berkeley) that has done the same thing.

Liberals love free speech as long as they love the speech that’s free.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]


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