GOP rep SHUTS DOWN liberal protesters with 4 AWESOME words…

During the short time Donald Trump has been president, liberal hysteria has reached heights previously unknown. With the media firmly in their pockets, Democrats have been able to drum up controversy over even the smallest move President Trump makes. In response, their followers have caused chaos in protests all over the country.

Sadly, the actions of these protesters have strayed from the norms of typical dissent. It’s a good thing when people are involved in the political process, even better when they look to hold their elected representatives accountable for their actions. However, recent protests have been going far beyond that. Instead of having respectful dialogue with the other side, liberal protesters are spreading chaos and hatred.

Perhaps nobody was confronted with this more clearly than Rep. Dave Brat (R – Va.). The Virginia Congressman faced loud screams and boos when standing up for religious liberty. Even worse, the event was held in a church.

From The Blaze:

Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.) faced a loud and repeated chorus of screams and boos during a town hall with constituents Tuesday night when he stood for religious freedom.

One of the questions posed to the congressman at the event, which was held at at Clover Hill Assembly of God in Midlothian, Virginia, CNN reported, wondered if Brat, “as a seminary graduate,” believes in the separation of church and state and whether it would be “acceptable” for churches to support specific political candidates.

The first part of Brat’s response was well reasoned, even drawing some applause from the liberal audience:

“Now that’s a loaded question,” Brat said. “All right, so it’s in the Constitution. They [the Founding Fathers] got it pretty good. That politics should not establish any religion, right? Everyone good with that one?

“But, you should all, under the First Amendment, have the free expression thereof,” Brat continued. “Right? So the founders nailed this pretty good. And now, going one step deeper: Do you want a total separation of church and state?”

Audience members — the “vast majority” of which said they supported either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders for president in 2016, according to CNN — then shouted, “Yes!”

From there, Brat challenged the audience to think about the issue differently. With four words, he pointed out the contradiction in the protesters position:

Brat challenged those who said they agreed with a “total separation of church and state.”

“I don’t think you do,” Brat said. “Some of you believe health care is a right. In the Western tradition, rights come from God.”

Unsurprisingly, the audience didn’t react well:

The audience responded to Brat’s statement with loud boos and shouting as the congressman continued to explain his position.

“The role of government is to protect those rights. The job of the government is to protect those God-given rights,” Brat said.

Watch the exchange:

Brat’s office issued a strongly worded statement in response to the rowdy crowd:

I have never seen such rudeness displayed in public as what I experienced at my town hall this week.

A sizable group of people in the audience mocked the pastor’s invocation prayer, mocked the mention of church, and mocked the idea that in the Western tradition our rights come from God.

This is not the classical liberal tradition of the Democratic Party we all grew up knowing. Something new and toxic is brewing. I don’t think many of my Democratic friends are happy about this new debasement of their tradition. Even Democrats left my town hall early because they were upset and wanted nothing to do with the behavior they witnessed firsthand. It will be very interesting to see who emerges as the next spokesperson for the Democratic Party.

Sadly, this does appear to be the new Democrat Party. While accusing everyone who disagrees with them of hatred and bigotry, they themselves are the group guilty of spewing most of it.

Of course, it’s this attitude that has caused them to alienate a large portion of the American public. Nevertheless, their 2016 election defeat has taught them nothing. Instead, they’ve decided to double down on the divisive tactics. Clearly, this isn’t the way to win people over.

[Note: This post was authored by Michael Lee. Follow him on Twitter @UAMichaelLee]

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