Science journal makes JAWS DROP with declaration about Republicans and climate change

If you ever want a fine example of how limited the idea of liberal “tolerance” truly is, just admit that you aren’t sold on climate change being a serious threat to our survival and watch how quickly the conversation deteriorates into name-calling and mud-slinging.

One of the most commonly used insults by those who hold to manmade climate change is that anyone who refuses to get on board the bandwagon is “anti-science,” despite the fact they simply want more accurate data and research before drawing a solid conclusion.

Well, a leading science journal is telling activists to chill things out a bit and stop calling Republicans anti-science.

The Daily Caller is reporting, The journal Nature’s editorial board wrote that while there are legitimate concerns about the politicization of science, claiming Republican politicians are “anti-science” only cheapens the term.

“[D]espite being labelled by many as anti-science, the US Republican Party — for all of its flaws — is not trying to hobble innovation or seeking to dismantle the research enterprise,” the editorial board wrote. “Republicans have historically been strong supporters of science. They led the effort in the 1990s to double the budget of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and they enthusiastically support space exploration.”

Scientists shouldn’t label politicians as “anti-science” simply because they push certain policies, Nature’s editorial board argued. People can have legitimate policy disagreements that have nothing to do with the underlying science.

“Many ‘anti-science’ measures have nothing to do with science at all,” the editorial board wrote. “US politicians who want to weaken the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], for instance, tend to want also to weaken all sorts of federal programmes that they see as examples of ‘big government’ interfering in local issues.”

The piece continues on, stating that politicians who belong to both political parties often have a tendency to avoid examining facts that seem to go against their own personally held world views, a trait common among human beings.

In fact, many solid scientific experts from all across the spectrum often disagree about different theories and conclusions, so the fact that this is happening in the realm of climate science isn’t anything new or unheard of.

Republicans who disagree with climate change are not anti-science, they’re simply against unproven scientific theories being utilized for political gain.

[Note: This article was written by Michael Cantrell]

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