Way-back machine: President fires FBI director, media silent; here’s why…

Let’s just say it and get it out there: the only reason liberals are blowing a gasket over the firing of James Comey is because Donald Trump did the firing. That’s the only reason. You know it. They know it. Everyone knows it. Due to an ever-worsening case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, millions in this country simply can’t help but immediately pull the “Trump did it so it must be shifty” card.

But, thanks once again to the long memory of the internet, we’re finding out how they praised the exact same action when taken by one of their own — yet outraged when done by Trump. And, once again the ‘one of their own’ was liberal icon, hero, do-no-wrong former president Bill Clinton himself. To take it up another notch, Clinton fired his director for “ethical impropriety.” Can you even believe that one?

The Daily Caller says in its story:

“The president has the sole authority to fire the director of the FBI under the law, but it’s only happened once before President Donald Trump terminated James Comey Tuesday.

The only other president to fire an FBI director was Bill Clinton in the summer of 1993. During Clinton’s first few months in office, he repeatedly asked FBI director William Sessions, a President Ronald Reagan appointee, to resign in the wake of numerous ethics allegations from the Department of Justice.”

CNN Politics adds this interesting bit of persepctive:

“The sharp outcry over President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey has spurred a national digital history lesson about the dramatic move.

One fun fact is this: Trump isn’t the first president to can an FBI director. But the public reaction — and the circumstances — surrounding the two cases couldn’t be more different.

Nearly a quarter-century ago, President Bill Clinton fired FBI Director William Sessions. It was July 19, 1993, and Clinton was the first President to sack an official from that post.

Harking back to that moment, some Trump backers and Clinton critics today are asking: Why wasn’t there the same level of outrage toward Clinton, a Democrat, as there is to Trump, a Republican?”

To Democrats everywhere, crude comments made by Trump on a bus that were secretly taped twelve years ago were — and are — reasons he is not fit for office. Yet their boy didn’t just talk it, he walked it. Clinton had sexual relations (despite his looking into the camera, wagging his finger and lying about it) in the Oval Office with an intern half his age, was impeached and disbarred for the commission of perjury and obstruction of justice. Problem for the Dems? No, not so much. Why? Because, Trump.

FBI Directors serve ten year terms. To date, only two  FBI Directors, James Comey and William Sessions, have ever been fired. To liberals, one firing was good and just. The other, a national disgrace, cover-up and reason for the most vocal forms of outrage. The difference? Simple. Trump.

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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